“Devil Girl From Mars” Publicity Stills

A whole set of images from the movie “Dev­il Girl From Mars”, post­ed by writer Bruce Sterling.

Patri­cia Laf­fan as the title character.

A real­ly awful aliens-from-space movie: Mar­t­ian woman Nyah (Patri­cia Laf­fan) comes to Earth to kid­nap Earth men to help repop­u­late Mars after a dev­as­tat­ing war between the sex­es. She traps a group of peo­ple inside an inn with­in an “elec­tric wall”, which allows the film to be shot in the stu­dio instead of on loca­tion. Nyah pos­sess­es the pow­er of invis­i­bil­i­ty and a hyp­not­ic stare, and a robot com­pan­ion named Chani who uses a dis­in­te­gra­tor ray. The movie’s ad line says it all: “She Want­ed to Take Young Men Back To Mars.” Com­par­i­son to “Mars Needs Women” are obvi­ous, even though the lat­ter was pro­duced over a decade later.

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