“Bachelor Goes to a Hypnotism Party”

The Decem­ber, 1964 (Vol­ume 5, num­ber 6) issue of Bach­e­lor mag­a­zine pub­lished a five page pho­to spread of a “hyp­no­tism par­ty”. The pho­tographs include female nudity.

“What will they think of next? Among the arty set, the old par­ty pick­ups like alco­hol and mar­i­jua­na just can’t hold a can­dle to the kicks one can get from a can­dle-wav­ing hypnotist.”

“Dur­ing soiree at sculp­tor Ed Lass’ apart­ment in N.Y.‘s Low­er East Side, dull moments were end­ed when hyp­no­tism began.”

Bach­e­lor mag­a­zine was a bi-month­ly ‘men’s’ mag­a­zine, with a pur­chase price of 60¢. The issue is dived into sev­er­al sec­tions with titles such as ‘Bach­e­lor Tales’ (sto­ries) and ‘Bach­e­lor Girls’ (pho­to shoots). This pho­to-spread was in the sec­tion enti­tled ‘Bach­e­lor Exclu­sives’ which were arti­cles of pur­port­ed inter­est of men.

Despite the las­civ­i­ous and lurid con­no­ta­tions from the fla­vor text, this appears to be a gen­er­al demon­stra­tion of basic hyp­no­sis tech­niques in asso­ci­a­tion with art mod­el­ling. It would not sur­prise me that the woman sub­ject is accus­tomed to mod­el­ling naked.

The time frame of the arti­cle puts it near the end of the Bridey Mur­phy hyp­no­sis craze, although the arti­cle does not state when it occurred, but it does say that this was not just a one-time thing, so it is hard to say when it first start­ed. There is also noth­ing that says how wide­spread this is, as inti­mat­ed, or whether this is just one per­son. Also, the hyp­no­tist is described as an avant-garde artist and ama­teur hypnotist.

The arti­cle includes four more pages of pho­tographs, half in B&W and half in col­or. The more (rel­a­tive­ly) lurid pho­tographs are in color.

When artists get togeth­er it’s time for some artistry to put some life into the par­ty — like the abil­i­ty of a clever man to put an entranc­ing-look­ing beau­ty into a trance.

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