“Eerie Cuties”

One of the web­comics I fol­low reg­u­lar­ly is named “Eerie Cuties”. It does­n’t have any­thing to do with hyp­no­sis or any­thing sim­i­lar, but it is a very fun read with a num­ber of engag­ing and amus­ing char­ac­ters and sit­u­a­tions and I high­ly rec­om­mend it.

The web­com­ic “Eerie Cuties” is about a group of girls who attend an exclu­sive high school, Charyb­dis Heights HS. The rea­son its exclu­sive is they’re all some form of super­nat­ur­al being in human form. The cast includes sis­ters Lay­la and Nina Delacroix (vam­pires), Chloe Love (suc­cubus), Brooke Lynn (ser­pen­tine) and the oth­er stu­dents and teach­ers of the school.

And just because they’re super­nat­ur­al does­n’t mean they don’t have more human prob­lems: Chloe, for instance, has self-image issues (she thinks her breasts are too large and thinks she’s a fail­ure as a suc­cubus), Nina has an unre­quit­ed crush on Ace (a were­wolf) whom she calls “Pup­py!” (until he is cursed and trans­formed into a girl and still she calls her “Pup­py!”) while she does­n’t like blood (of all the days for a vam­pire to be born on, she was born on East­er and much prefers choco­late) and Brooke is a veg­e­tar­i­an. All Lay­la has to do is put up with her excitable younger sis­ter, a total­ly human problem.

But those aren’t just the trou­bles they encounter: those com­bine super­nat­ur­al conun­drums with every­day crises and con­flate mys­ti­cal curs­es and mun­dane crush­es. Life at Charyb­dis Heights is not for the faint of heart or mys­ti­cal­ly defenseless.

The art­work is fun and match­es the char­ac­ters well: Chloe (the straw­ber­ry blonde in the ban­ner above) is a real cutie, with freck­les and big round glass­es and cute lit­tle horns. And lips! One of the rea­sons I find the art­work appeal­ing is that some of the char­ac­ters actu­al­ly have lips! Not just a sim­ple slash of a line for a mouth, but full lips. Its espe­cial­ly nice dur­ing the cur­rent sleep-over sto­ry­line where the first thing every­one does is a make-over. (And Lay­la and Nina’s moth­er is a hot­tie, too.)

Rec­om­men­da­tion: Go check it out. The link is at the ban­ner ad above. 

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