My Apologies

If you were try­ing to access the blog or web­site this past week and could­n’tm I apologize.

About three months ago, I tras­ferred the web­site reg­is­tra­tion from a third-par­ty reg­is­trar to the web host reg­is­tra­tion ser­vice, because I get the reg­is­tra­tion free through it. At the time, I thought every­thing was tak­en care of.

I was wrong. Appar­ent­ly there was a last step that I (or, I sus­pect, the orig­i­nal reg­is­trar) did­n’t fol­low througth with and the reg­is­tra­tion did­n’t get ful­ly trans­ferred. Thus, when the orig­i­nal reg­is­tra­tion lapsed, I had to renew it there. And I will have to wait 40 days to trans­fer it again.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I just lost my cred­it card, so I had no way to renew it until the new card arrived, which only hap­pened yes­ter­day. Now I’m back in busi­ness, finally.

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