“How I Am Making My Selections”

Cur­rent­ly, I have no set order in which I am writ­ing and pub­lish­ing my blog posts here. What has been hap­pen­ing is that I will start pulling items of inter­est from the col­lec­tion, exam­in­ing them and then start writ­ing on a par­tic­u­lar item; oth­er times I will start arti­cles as I think of them. At present, I have about 15 dif­fer­ent posts in some degree or anoth­er of com­ple­tion. Then I will select one at some time before the sched­uled pub­li­ca­tion date and do the research and writ­ing to com­plete it. 

But some­times things can come straight from left field. For Instance, I was in the mid­dle of writ­ing a post on anoth­er movie (tak­ing the rec­om­men­da­tion from the online poll) but I hap­pened to think of the movie “Our Man Flint” and sud­den­ly the first para­graph almost wrote itself in my head. Once I thought of that, I just had to fin­ish it.

Out­side events can also affect the selec­tion. Right now, I am try­ing to get a copy of the nov­el “Thir­teen Women” by Tiffany Thay­er, the source for the Myr­na Loy / Irene Dunn movie of the same name, through inter-library loan. If I am able to get that then I will be able to com­plete the post on the movie and maybe do a sep­a­rate one on the book, too, depend­ing on what all is in it. 

The same is true for a post on a non-fic­tion arti­cle I am research­ing: i am wait­ing to see if I can get a copy of a book the author of the arti­cle wrote to see if the arti­cle is includ­ed with­in, and to see if I can get any fur­ther bio­graph­i­cal infor­ma­tion about the author from the book, as there are ele­ments of the arti­cle that try­ing to con­firm. I orig­i­nal­ly want­ed this post to be the sec­ond one I wrote but details of the research have pushed back the fin­ish time. 

I am try­ing not to do all of the easy stuff first: part of the intent here was to get me to seri­ous­ly read or review the unfa­mil­iar stuff and I do need to start doing more of that. Besides, there will be times when I won’t have the time for the research or writ­ing and will need some­thing easy then, so I’m sav­ing those up for the future. 

So, I would like to say what I will be post­ing next week, and I do have some­thing sched­uled but still in pro­duc­tion, so that may change. That is like­ly to remain the sta­tus quo for the fore­see­able future. 

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