30 Days of Hypnosis

I’ve seen this list and similar floating around the Internets, so I figure its my turn to answer it.

Day 1: What’s your hypnosis origin story?

Day 2: What was it like the first time you were tranced or tranced someone?

Day 3: Do you like to experience amnesia?

Day 4: Preferred method of induction? I.e. pocket watch, pendant, crystal, spiral, fixation, etc.

Day 5: Instant trigger *SNAP* or long drawn out “You are getting very sleepy, eyes are heavy, limbs are heavy, so very heavy, so relaxed”?

Day 6: Fractionation: “Yes, please!” or “No, I don’t like roller coasters. I feel nauseated.”?

Day 7: Are you a trance junkie (short term) or do you prefer a one hypnotist relationship (long term)? Why or why not?

Day 8: Are you functional in a trance or do you have issues talking/moving?

Day 9: What is the most important characteristic you look for in a hypnotist or subject?

Day 10: Favorite hypnotic experience as a subject?

Day 11: Favorite hypnotic experience as a hypnotist?

Day 12: What’s your favorite pop culture reference about hypnosis?

Day 13: How do you feel about stage hypnosis? Would you ever consent to trancing someone/being tranced in front of an audience?

Day 14: What’s a common misconception people have about hypnosis that bothers you the most?

Day 15: Do any of your friends and family know about your hypnosis interest? Why or why not?

Day 16: Do you prefer male or female hypnotists/subjects? Why?

Day 17: If a curious novice asked you to introduce them to the world of hypnosis, where would you begin and why?

Day 18: Do you have any hypnotic experiences you regret? Why or why not?

Day 19: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever experienced in trance as a subject or strangest thing a subject has requested to experience?

Day 20: How much of an influence does your hypnosis interest have on your everyday life?

Day 21: In a consensual situation, do you prefer to be aware or unaware of an impending trance? Hypnotists: is it easier to trance an informed subject or to drop them unaware?

Day 22: How do you feel about mind control story captions? Tasteful when done right or oh so very tacky?

Day 23: Have you ever had difficulty going into a trance/hypnotizing someone?  What happened?

Day 24: What advice would you impart to a new hypnotist or subject?

Day 25: Do you find that there are certain words or phrases (not triggers) that send you deeper into trance?

Day 26: Is there a certain trigger you prefer more than others?

Day 27: What was your worst experience with hypnosis?

Day 28: What are your thoughts on asshole hypnotists who prey on the vulnerable?

Day 29: Do you have any close hypno-enthusiast friends that you’ve met on the Internet?  How did you become friends?

Day 30: Just rant about hypnosis. Go crazy! But not too crazy… 65% crazy, 35% sane.

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