They Came From Hyde Brothers” — 2011/01/15

I really should check out Hyde Brothers more regularly. That’s a local used book store of the old school type which has been the source for a good percentage of my non-fiction hypnosis (and some fiction, as well) collection, including some rarities like an 1871 compilation volume entitled “Library of Mesmerism” which includes such works as “Fascination or the Philosophy of Charming (Illustrating the Principles of Life)” and “The Philosophy of Electrical Psychology in Twelve Lectures” or the six volumes of the Shaftesbury Ralston Publishing ‘Home Study’ collection in very fine bindings. I’ve bought a lot from them over the years and they deserve every accolade I can bestow upon them.

Every so often they get a number of hypnosis-related books and sometimes I’m there to get them. That hasn’t happened for a while, mainly for financial reasons, but I was on my way between two stops and the store happened to be on the way, so yesterday, I stopped by, and came away with four new additions to my collection.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Dummies”

Ever since the concept was distilled from Erickson, NLP has been treated as something of a bastard child to hypnosis, from what I’ve seen. Its also been something I’ve wanted to learn more about.

Hindu Psychology: Its Meaning For the West” by Swami Akhilananda (1946)

While the general subject matter has little to do with hypnosis, there is a long chapter entitled ‘Will and Personality’ which includes sub-chapters ‘Will’, ‘Suggestion’ and ‘Hypnosis’. Added for completeness.

Wide Awake, Clear-Headed and Refreshed” by Ryan Elliot (1991)

Medical Hypnoanalysis in Action” reads the sub-title, and that’s exactly what it is: a chatty cross between a convenient guide for hypnotherapists and a explanation for the lay patient.

Hypnotism A Correct Guide to the Science and How Subjects are Influenced” by Carl Sexton (ⅯⅮⅭⅭⅭⅭⅩⅤⅠ)

I was pretty sure I already had a copy in my collection, in probably better shape, but I couldn’t resist giving this poorly treated copy a good home. The interior is unfortunately even more mistreated than the cover, alas.

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