Vision Machine”

What could happen if there was the facility to share your vision, literally, with everyone else in the world? How would that change the way people see each other and interact? How could that change the world? How could someone else use that power of communication not to increase communication but to limit it?

That’s the question posed in “Vision Machine”.

in 2061, the Sprout company releases its next “Big Thing” :the iEye:

… a pair of glasses that turns your eye into a video camera … and your brain into a digital editing and special effects suite. All you have to do is imagine it … and it happens.

Now you can effortlessly record and edit your personal experiences, thoughts, dreams and stories as never before … and then instantly distribute the resulting media to millions of other iEyes, … You can link your iEyes … look at the world through other users’ eyes.

The possibilities here are only limited to the users’ imaginations, and vast segments of the world’s population are quickly taking advantage of the situation. Unfortunately, the possibilities for taking the next step from sharing visions to controlling the visions, and thereby controlling the people seeing those visions, is one that more than a few powerful people start taking advantage of.

Its a very well told and well drawn comic, worth investigating.

Commentary: There is one thing that doesn’t work out here: not everyone is visually imaginative. In fact, from my training in hypnosis inductions, there are roughly three types of imaginative people: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. (I am auditory.) I would doubt that non-visual people would have the same ability as visual people. Still, though, that is something that doesn’t have to be dealt with as part of the overall premise.

I do have one quibble, though: the setting is the year 2061, yet everything thing still looks 2011. Fifty years is far too long a period for there not to be major changes in society, architecture. etc. Maybe making it 2021 would have been more logical.

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