Hypnotic Beauty — Victoria’s Secret

Sometimes serendipity provides the material for the blog, and this is one such case.

The name and company Victoria’s Secret is not one I should have the describe: suffice to say this is just the sort of thing I would expect from them.

Victoria’s Secret Hypnotic Beauty

The product here is a combination of eye shadow and liner, lipstick and blush makeup, with a definite Morroccan / Indian theme to the packaging and the colors themselves.  However, I cannot determine from the references whether this was a 2011 or 2010 release, and I haven’t had any luck finding it listed on the Victoria’s Secret online catalog. Of course, it may have been released for a specific time period (Fall) so it might not be in the catalog at this time no matter which year it was released.

Of course, this kind of packaging tends to reinforce the stereotypes surrounding hypnosis (and I think I need to create something that types that phrase automatically for me, given the number of times I use it) and female beauty, especially when it involves the eyes. This trope of a woman’s hypnotic eyes has its roots not only in the folklore about “the evil eye” and its evolution into the vampire’s mesmeric gaze and the concept of “the eyes are the windows of the soul” but also in elements of the seductive ‘vamp’ who bewitches men, a trope that which goes all the way back to Biblical times and thereabouts.


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