“Hypnotic Poison” by Dior

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A puz­zling har­mo­ny born out of the fusion of four con­trast­ing olfac­tive facets:the bit­ing and intox­i­cat­ing note of bit­ter almond and carvi, the more opu­lent and pre­cious note of jas­mine Sam­bac, the bewitch­ing and mys­te­ri­ous note of moss and Jacaran­da tree, and the hyp­not­ic and sen­su­ous note of vanil­la and musk.

“Hyp­not­ic Poi­son” by Chris­t­ian Dior is the name of a fra­grance whose main attrac­tion (like “Hyp­no­tique”) is the not-so-sub­tle sug­ges­tion of hyp­not­ic pow­er and con­trol over men. That is accen­tu­at­ed by the descrip­tion of the blend of fra­grances described above: ‘intox­i­cat­ing’, ‘bewitch­ing’, ‘mys­te­ri­ous’, and ‘hyp­not­ic’, all words designed to fur­ther empha­size the mes­mer­iz­ing appeal.

Descrip­tion: In French slang, ‘poi­son’ means ‘dan­ger­ous woman’, or what Amer­i­cans would call a ‘vamp’, and that is just the impres­sion that results: a per­fume for women who want to be hyp­not­ic, who want to feel mes­mer­iz­ing, and it seems to work. Numer­ous reviews and descrip­tions of the per­fume by its users include such words and phras­es as “mes­mer­iz­ing” and “hyp­not­ic” in regards to how they feel it works.

“Hyp­not­ic Poi­son” is the cre­ation of not­ed per­fumer Annick Ménar­do.

The woman in the above image is actress Mila Jovanovich.


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  • Styl­ish imagery.. This stuff dove­tails nice­ly into the cur­rent Twilight/vampire obses­sion, both on a styl­is­tic lev­el and also in the cur­rent­ly pop­u­lar theme of obses­sive pas­sion.. “Hyp­not­ic poi­son” sounds liek it would have a great appeal to an Eng­lish speak­ing audi­ence the way “Seduc­tion” does. And of course, Mila rocks.