My 2012 New Year’s Resolution for the HiM Blog

I am making the following resolutions for the year 2012 in regards to the Hypnosis in Media blog:

1 ) Reading

I resolve to finish reading at least one unread book a week from the Collection. There are a lot of books in the collection, fiction and non-fiction, that I haven’t even opened after I bought them. This is especially true about the non-fiction, particularly the late 19th and early 20th Century stuff, which I am expecting to be very boring.

2 ) Writing

I resolve to increase my post writing. I have a only couple of blog posts already written and ready to publish if I can’t get anything else done by the publication deadline. I would like to have at least three times the number I have now, which means not only researching and writing the regular post but a second or third one each week.

3 ) Research

a ) I resolve to seriously start my research into the topic of the origins of the vampire’s hypnotic gaze. Its not in the original Stoker but it was a part of vampire lore by the time of the Bela Lugosi “Dracula”. I expect it is also strongly associated with the folklore of the “Evil Eye”. My effort will have to start with first tying down the first appearances of the subject in the media, which will be difficult as that may include stage performances (such time being before movies were widely popular.)

b ) I resolve to continue my research into the subject of the various social conventions that affect the success of hypnotic inductions, with the eventual goal of completing the book I am currently writing and eventually self-publication. I’ve already identified a very large (and diverse) number of these conventions and my major task now is adequately describing them in such a way that can be applied by any practicing hypnotist. I do not expect to be able to finish it this year but I hope to at least double the word count (now somewhere around 35,000 words)  this year. Plus I want to get what I have written in the hands of people I can trust to review and critique it as I write it.

5 ) Recreation

I resolve (and hope to able to afford) to attend a couple of hypnosis-related conventions and events this year, one that I have almost a standing invitation to attend and present at, and one of which I may actually be associated with.

As part of these resolutions, I also resolve to post periodic updates on how I am fulfilling these other resolutions.

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