“Private Psycho Lesson” (1997)


In “Pri­vate Psy­cho Les­son”, psy­chol­o­gist Sara Iiji­ma has a sin­gu­lar approach to help­ing her clients over­come sex­u­al hangups using hyp­no­sis and a sin­gu­lar (and quite sen­su­al) style in induc­ing hypnosis.


The ani­me here is def­i­nite­ly adults only: it is high­ly sex­u­al and explic­it in nature and the cor­re­spond­ing descrip­tion below does refer to adult themes and images.

Descrip­tion: Doc­tor Iiji­ma is a world-renowned psy­chother­a­pist spe­cial­iz­ing in sex ther­a­py though hyp­no­sis. Her induc­tion method is quite unique: by caus­ing her very ample breasts to rotate (some­times she can do this at will but some­times she has man­u­al assis­tance) she cap­tures the atten­tion of her sub­ject as the rotat­ing motion caus­es the hal­lu­ci­na­tion of rotat­ing spi­rals, plac­ing them in a deep trance with a cor­re­spond­ing deep rap­port with Doc­tor Iiji­ma. Through that naked (lit­er­al­ly as well as fig­u­ra­tive­ly) rap­port she is able to resolve her sub­jec­t’s sex­u­al problems.

She is assist­ed by Tamine, who does not demon­strate any psy­cho­log­i­cal train­ing but does help her in oth­er ways, and appar­ent­ly is there to catch the occa­sion­al “feel” of Doc­tor Iiji­ma’s large breasts.

There are two episodes to this collection.

The first episode, ‘Yuri’, is about Yuri, a young woman who hates women with large breasts, and of course, Doc­tor Iiji­ma has a per­son­al inter­est in that. Doc­tor Iiji­ma is hired to inves­ti­gate and assist her, and she finds out the woman has a side job as a pros­ti­tute. When she first tries to help Yuri, Doc­tor Iiji­ma is attacked but is res­cued when Tamine inter­venes. That encounter caused Doc­tor Iiji­ma to lose faith in her abil­i­ties, and Doc­tor Chang has to per­form some ther­a­py of his own to restore his pupil’s con­fi­dence. Her next encounter with Yuri is much more suc­cess­ful, as she is able to entrance Yuri before Yuri can attack her, and, once entranced, the cause of her hatred is revealed and cured.

The sec­ond episode, ‘Eri­ka’, is about Doc­tor Eri­ka, an old col­league of Doc­tor Iiji­ma: in fact, they were both stu­dents under Doc­tor Chang. Doc­tor Iiji­ma dis­cov­ers that Eri­ka is using a vari­a­tion of Doc­tor Chang’s tech­nique as a train­ing aid: in fact, its a brain­wash­ing tech­nique that turns her male vic­tims into mind­less drones. Eri­ka tries to con­trol Doc­tor Iiji­ma through the same tech­nique, but she is too strong to be con­trolled, but the same can­not be said for Tamine, who assaults Doc­tor Iiji­ma until a swift knee to the groin releas­es him from Erika’s con­trol. With Eri­ka still believ­ing she is in con­trol, Doc­tor Iiji­ma and Tamine stand before her, and Tamine manip­u­lates Doc­tor Iiji­ma’s breasts to hyp­no­tize Eri­ka as Doc­tor Iiji­ma pro­vides some very need­ed psychotherapy.

Com­men­tary: As far as the hyp­no­sis goes, the basic ther­a­py tech­niques are pret­ty sound, once you get past the unique char­ac­ter of the induc­tions and trance states. (And giv­en the nature of the induc­tions, I’m sure that some peo­ple would be entranced, spe­cial tech­nique or not.)

Rec­om­men­da­tion: Actu­al­ly, there is more to rec­om­mend this than might be expect­ed. Yes, as expect­ed, there is a lot of sex and nudi­ty but they’re actu­al­ly pret­ty well done for the peri­od, but the sto­ries are interesting

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The orig­i­nal edi­tion was first released on VHS and lat­er remas­tered to DVD. The orig­i­nal DVD appears to be long out of print and a col­lec­tor’s item now, where­as the DVD labelled as a sec­ond vol­ume is appar­ent­ly a re-release.

Warn­ing: The episodes are quite graph­ic and explic­it and is not lim­it­ed to nudi­ty and explic­it dis­cus­sion of sex­u­al­i­ty; there are ten­ta­cles and sim­i­lar per­ver­sions, too.


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