Baby by Chance” by Elda Minger

She hadn’t expected to be expecting …

Having a family wasn’t part of Cinnamon Robert’s five-year plan, but when she accidentally fell under the spell of a hypnotist who’d been hired by her baby-crazed twin sister, she suddenly became a warm, willing woman ripe to conceive. Which is exactly what happened … by Chance.

Ramblin’ man turned family man?

Chance Devereux had to wonder if he wasn’t the one under a spell .. ’cause ever since sweet-and-spicy Cinnamon had come into his life — making him a daddy-to-be — he’d started hearing wedding bells.

Chance wanted to make the mother of his child an honest woman … but could he hope for marital bliss after Cinnamon came to?

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All Cinnamon Roberts thought was that she was going to accompany her twin sister Pepper to a hypnotist, who was going to help the frustrated Pepper become more accustomed to having sex so she could finally be pregnant. The trouble began with the carelessness of the hypnotist, starting with not recognizing the signs that Cinnamon was under the same trance as her twin Pepper and ending with the poor selection of a post-hypnotic trigger, the word “cayenne”.

When Cinnamon met Chance Devereux later, when he mentioned the word “cayenne”, Cinnamon immediately went into a passionate state, astonishing Chance, who, unknowing the actual state she was in, decided to take ‘advantage’ of the situation. Only afterward does the trance wear off does Cinnamon finally realize that she was pregnant, much to their mutual astonishment. That’s when the established tropes of the romance novel begin to appear, and as expected, it all works out in the end.

Commentary: Three classic fails in media hypnosis: first off, the unintentional witness trance, and, secondly, the inadvertent post-hypnotic triggering, all leading up to the third, that being the inability of the person unintentionally hypnotized to ignore or resist the suggestions.

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