The Truth About Hypnosis, or …”

Hypnosis is a fascinating topic and can be used to alter consciousness for magickal work. It’s powerful and it works. Unfortunately, most people who try it end up failing. This is not because hypnosis is nothing but a scam or a placebo, but because they are focusing on the wrong thing. They’re going the wrong way.

So begins this blog entry on the Llewellyn website by Donald Michael Kraig, a board-certified clinical hypnotherapist and instructor. I’m recommending it because it lays out a number of fundamental truths about the subject that often need repeating.

Far too often, the stereotypes and preconceptions, not to mention the simple lack of knowledge, about the subject interfere with the actual process involved. Not just the outré stereotypes of subjects being forced to cluck like a chicken or believing that they can’t emerge from trance, but also the finer details of what it actually feels like or what can happen (or not happen) in trance. This article by someone who obviously knows what he is talking about is a good introduction to eliminate these stereotypes and preconceptions.

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  • Thank you for your kind words. I think the concepts about the ease of learning inductions, the false focus on that, and the importance of learning what to do after (and even before) the induction, is important, especially for people new to the study of hypnosis.

    For those who are uninterested, don’t believe, or are outright skeptical concerning magickal concepts (often as a result of as much misinformation and assumptions on the subject as we find with the topic of hypnosis), the basic concepts presented in my blog about hypnosis are, I believe, valid.

    I welcome any comments to my blog and hope people who agree or disagree will consider posting.

    • HypnoMedia says:

      I am glad you stopped by and I hope to see more of your blogging in the future. I believe you have a firm grasp of the elements of the situation here and want to hear more.

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