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The Third Circle” by Amanda Quick

Leona Hewitt has secretly made her way into Lord Delbridge’s private museum to retrieve a relic stolen from her family. But someone else is in the dimly lit gallery on the same errand: a tall, black cloaked man whose very voice is enough to cause her to fall into a trance.

Thaddeus Ware, a mesmerist with psychic gifts, is accustomed to fearful reactions from others—women, in particular. After all, a man who can control the minds of others could rob a lady of her virtue—completely unbeknownst to her. But Leona shows no trace of hysteria in his presence. A gifted crystal worker, she exerts a rather hypnotic power over the hypnotist himself. And she is determined to keep the coveted crystal they manage to recover by giving him the slip at a run‐down London inn.

Thaddeus, on assignment for the Arcane Society, knows the menace Leona is courting by absconding with the crystal. A source of remarkable energy, it holds the potential for great destruction. Lord Delbridge has already killed to acquire the crystal, his key to membership in the élite, shadowy group known as the Third Circle. And, with the help of a ruthless hunter of preternatural skill — dubbed the Midnight Monster by the press — Delbridge intends to find Leona. With the stolen crystal in their possession, the danger is only beginning.

Two very driven individuals, both with agendas that set them against each other, both with passions that draw them together.

Thaddeus can command virtually anyone by his power of psychic mesmerism, which isolates him from virtually any human contact, only to discover Leona, whose own psychic gifts allowed her to break his command. She interfered with his mission to recover the lost aurora stone, eventually losing to her wiles, but she also saved his life and his sanity through her gift of crystal manipulation.

Leona has gone to great lengths to recover her family’s lost heirloom, a fabled crystal owned by her famous ancestress, the fabled Sybil the Virgin Sorceress, only to encounter Thaddeus on the same quest. His insistence taking possession of the aurora stone was only the latest potential setback she encountered, but without his aid, she would have died a torturous death many times over.

Against them both are Lord Delbridge, a member of the secretive Arcane Society of psychic researchers and practitioners, of whom Thadeus is also a member, a psychic hunter of sorts, employed in investigations involving other members of the Society. Delbridge also employs a sinister scientist and alchemist and a psychic and psychotic murderer. Behind them is the occult group of the Third Circle, who plan to use both the aurora stone and Leona in aiding them unlock the secrets of her ancestress Sybil, and are more than willing to kidnap and murder to gain their objectives.

As this is a romance novel, and a formulaic one, at that, Thaddeus and Leona pair up to counter all threats and discover true love in the process.


  • Synchronicity Time: Just a few days after I finished the previous Amanda Quick novels, I was at the local library, in their connected coffee shop. The library disposes of unwanted or overstock books through sales through the coffee shop, and I walked past the display and just happened to notice this novel by Amanda Quick. Knowing full well my propensity for synchronicity, I examined the contents and discovered another mesmerist as a primary character. Of course, I had to purchase it to add to the Collection.
  • Amanda Quick is the pseudonym of Jayne Ann Krentz, a popular New York Times bestselling author of period, paranormal and period paranormal romances. More information on the book can be found at her website, here.

New Year’s Resolution Scorecard — Week 10

A very disappointing week: I watched two of the teams I work for lose two games each this weekend, three of them by letting the other team catch up and take the lead in the last minutes. Then there was the problems I’ve been having recording material for a client, which I will have to record again this week, making it the third time for these same tracks.

Plus doing all this left little time for anything else. Thus no real updates this week.

New Year’s Resolution Scorecard — Week 09

I normally do most of the work for the blog on the weekends.

This last weekend was not a normal weekend.

Three events, two dinners, two meetings and a birthday party, plus working on editing a series of recordings for a client. Not much room for anything else. I was able to put together the weekly blog post on Friday because it was a book I just re‐read. About the only other thing I was able to do was renew “Incognito” at the library because I wasn’t finished reading it. So annoying but that’s life.

Changes: I have a number of websites and pages open in my browser for eventual posting in the blog. I have decided to change that and mention them in my Twitter feed with the hashtag “#HypKnow” from now on. That saves me having to write something witty about the page while still drawing people’s attention to it.

New Year’s Resolution Scorecard — Week 08

Reading: I am finding “Incognito: the Secret Lives of the Brain” difficult to read for any length of time, based on my activity. Its a book that I really ought to spend a couple of hours just reading and cogitating about.

Research: In the category of “better late than never” comes “Doctor Volutpua” an NSFW webcomic about the comedy involved with an endowed psychologist dealing in sexual difficulties. Alas, as soon as word about it hit the major reporting sites, the creator of the series announced that he was putting it on hiatus.

Which is rather a shame considering the humor involved.

Next week is likely to be pretty busy: I recorded five different sessions on Saturday that will have to be edited down and combined with other elements for a series of CDs. That and three other events this week are all leading up to busy week.

New Year’s Resolution Scorecard — Week 07

Five of seven days spent at work plus a two‐hour interview process at a worksite 45 minutes away meant little time for much else this week, alas.

Reading: Much of my routine schedule was disrupted this past week, leaving little time for reading, research and writing. Then my limited reading time was distracted with a short story collection that I discovered in the world of a favorite author of mine, but which may have sparked an idea for a short story in that same world.

Research: I am following the current storyline in the Bleach animé series, following from the manga storyline, which has an interesting take on mind control. The antagonist apparently has the power to edit memories of people and has inserted himself into the lives of all the family and friends of the lead protagonist. I’m still not sure why the lead nor another protagonist have been left alone, except maybe to have fight scenes.There is also a couple of other protagonists who are also excluded from the effect but whose motives and actions are unclear. I’ll write up the details when the storyline is concluded.

I am also following the Star Trek / Legion of Super‐Heroes comic series: the lead antagonist’s rampant success at conquest is largely because of the reality and mind control abilities of the “Macguffin” of the storyline. Looking forward to the final issue when the Macguffin gets its revenge.

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