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Pat Collins — “The Hip Hypnotist”

There have been many famous male stage hypnotists in the 20th Century, including Walford Bodie, Franz Polgar, Ormond McGill and Gil Boyne, but there has only been one female stage hypnotist with an equal amount of fame then.

That hypnotist was Pat Collins — “The Hyp Hypnotist”.

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Post-Hypnotic Suggestion’ — “The Two Ronnies”

The Two Ronnies” was a British comedy team of Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett. Their BBC program of the same name involved a variety of different comedy modes, including sketches, monologues, serials and the show closer, a parody of news programs. Short jokes (Ronnie Corbet was significantly shorter than his partner) were also a stock component of their repertoire.

Ronnie B: And now a sketch about an enormous embarrassment at a small, intimate party. Ronnie Corbett will play the small, intimate party.
Ronnie C: And Ronnie Barker will play the enormous embarrassment.

Their most impressive production was “The Picnic”, a half-hour show, the day in the life of a minor noble family and their servants, which had no dialog just sight and sound gags. The series is available in DVD only in Region 2 PAL formats.

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Hare Brained Hypnoist’ (1942)


Capsule Description: Bugs Bunny’s eternal nemesis, hunter Elmer Fudd, tries a new tactic this time: hypnosis. Using a book on hypnosis, he first hypnotizes a bear then tries to hypnotize Bugs, only to be hypnotized in return. Bugs turns the tables on him by commanding him to be a rabbit, but, when turning the tables, Bugs discovers that the tables can be turned in both directions.

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