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Pat Collins — “The Hip Hypnotist”

There have been many famous male stage hyp­no­tists in the 20th Cen­tu­ry, includ­ing Wal­ford Bod­ie, Franz Pol­gar, Ormond McGill and Gil Boyne, but there has only been one female stage hyp­no­tist with an equal amount of fame then.

That hyp­no­tist was Pat Collins — “The Hyp Hypnotist”.

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‘Post-Hypnotic Suggestion’ — “The Two Ronnies”

“The Two Ron­nies” was a British com­e­dy team of Ron­nie Bark­er and Ron­nie Cor­bett. Their BBC pro­gram of the same name involved a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent com­e­dy modes, includ­ing sketch­es, mono­logues, seri­als and the show clos­er, a par­o­dy of news pro­grams. Short jokes (Ron­nie Cor­bet was sig­nif­i­cant­ly short­er than his part­ner) were also a stock com­po­nent of their repertoire.

Ron­nie B: And now a sketch about an enor­mous embar­rass­ment at a small, inti­mate par­ty. Ron­nie Cor­bett will play the small, inti­mate party.
Ron­nie C: And Ron­nie Bark­er will play the enor­mous embarrassment.

Their most impres­sive pro­duc­tion was “The Pic­nic”, a half-hour show, the day in the life of a minor noble fam­i­ly and their ser­vants, which had no dia­log just sight and sound gags. The series is avail­able in DVD only in Region 2 PAL formats.

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‘Hare Brained Hypnoist’ (1942)


Cap­sule Descrip­tion: Bugs Bun­ny’s eter­nal neme­sis, hunter Elmer Fudd, tries a new tac­tic this time: hyp­no­sis. Using a book on hyp­no­sis, he first hyp­no­tizes a bear then tries to hyp­no­tize Bugs, only to be hyp­no­tized in return. Bugs turns the tables on him by com­mand­ing him to be a rab­bit, but, when turn­ing the tables, Bugs dis­cov­ers that the tables can be turned in both directions.

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