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Post-Hypnotic Suggestion’ — “The Two Ronnies”

The Two Ronnies” was a British comedy team of Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett. Their BBC program of the same name involved a variety of different comedy modes, including sketches, monologues, serials and the show closer, a parody of news programs. Short jokes (Ronnie Corbet was significantly shorter than his partner) were also a stock component of their repertoire.

Ronnie B: And now a sketch about an enormous embarrassment at a small, intimate party. Ronnie Corbett will play the small, intimate party.
Ronnie C: And Ronnie Barker will play the enormous embarrassment.

Their most impressive production was “The Picnic”, a half-hour show, the day in the life of a minor noble family and their servants, which had no dialog just sight and sound gags. The series is available in DVD only in Region 2 PAL formats.

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