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Only Human” by Gareth Roberts (2005) — Doctor Who


A “dirty” rip in time and a Neanderthal in 21st Century London. That’s enough to draw the Doctor’s attention. However, whenever and wherever he came from, the Doctor can’t get Das the Neanderthal back to his own time without the effects of time travel killing him, so the Doctor enlists Captain Jack Harkness to mind him for a month to acclimate him to the 21st Century while the Doctor and Rose investigate the past, only to find a party of scientists from the future experimenting on humanity’s ancestors.

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Universo — “The Legion of Super-Heroes” Part 2

After his defeat at the hands of the Legion, Universo was (apparently) imprisoned but he (also apparently escaped) and commenced one of his campaigns to control the Earth. Being the master plotter that he is, he waited for or manufactured reasons for the Legion to be away from the Earth before beginning his plan for world domination. When the Legionnaires returned, they found that they were not only disbanded, they were hunted and outlawed!

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Universo — “The Legion of Super-Heroes” Part 1

The foes of the legendary Legion of Super-Heroes are themselves indeed legion and legendary: beings like the enigmatic Time Trapper and the monstrous master computer Computo, the dark magician Mordru and even the infamous Darkseid; groups like the Fatal Five, the Dark Circle and the Legion of Super-Villains; whole races like the Dominators, the Khunds and the Controllers. Most have had their fleeting victories, their rare moments of triumph before the Legion defeated them.

Yet there is one opponent who can claim to have achieved his goal of world domination against the opposition of the Legion, not simply once but twice, and both times for extended periods, to the point the Legion was forced to battle him as underdogs, something no other opponent of the Legion throughout its long history and many revisions has achieved.

That opponent is the malevolent hypnotist (or telepath) Universo.

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