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The “Deryni” stories by Katherine Kurtz

They have mental and physical powers beyond the human norm: they can entrance with a glance, create light, heal wounds, and even teleport long distances. 

They are mutants. They live among normal humans, distinguished only by their powers, otherwise undistinguishable from any one else, distrusted and even hated by both the general populace and people in authority because of their gifts. Some try to use their gifts for good, others for evil: some just try to exist. 

But they’re not the X‑Men and they’re not superheroes: they’re the Deryni, a fantasy race and the subject of several books and short stories by author Katherine Kurtz.

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Creature Comforts’ — “X‑Men: To Serve and Protect” #1

Its a battle of the mind controllers: in one corner, Emma Frost, the White Queen, one of the strongest telepaths on the planet; in the other corner, the Mandrill, whose enhanced pheromone power turns any female into his adoring servant. But in any such contest, the odds favor the smartest, and the Mandrill was never known for being very bright.

Description: Emma Frost was pampering herself at a prestigious day spa in San Francisco when a ruckus outside draws her attention and her ire at being interrupted. It seems the Mandrill was using his mind control pheromones to command all of the women customers at the spa to hand over all of their cash and valuables. Not that Emma has any concern for her fellow women, but she was annoyed at having her time interrupted and at the posturing pompousness of the Mandrill. Since her secondary mutation allows her to transform into a diamond-hard form that doesn’t need to breathe, the Mandrill’s pheromones have no effect on her. But his mind is like an open book to her, albeit she likens reading it to “bathing in excrement”, and that, for the poor Mandrill is just how she punishes him, by manipulating his mind. And then goes back to her spa session.

Commentary: Emma Frost never really got over being the imperious White Queen from back in the days of the Hellfire Club: she’s still haughty, bitchy, contemptuous and smugly superior, although she does reserve her worst for those who she thinks deserve it, in this case, the Mandrill.

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