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Lammas Night” by Katherine Kurtz

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History: I’ve known about Katherine Kurtz as an author since my college days: not only was I attracted to her writing for her “Deryni” novels, but also to her own backstory. Before she turned to professional writing, she was a member of the early Society for Creative Anachronism, eventually becoming its first Seneschal (the equivalent of being the national chairman of the organization) as well as being awarded the title of Duchess (meaning that she had been Queen of the Kingdom of the West twice.) She also published a fanzine called “Deryni Archives: The Magazine” which contained a wealth of supplementary information and stories that helped affirm my fascination for the Deryni.

Since then, she has developed into a popular and prolific fantasy writer, known primarily for her “Deryni” novels and her contemporary fantasy “Adept” series in collaboration with Deborah Turner Harris. She edited a collection of Deryni stories and other short story collections, also wrote numerous short stories and stand-alone novels, one of which is “Lammas Night”.

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