30 Days of Hypnosis: Day 17

If a curious novice asked you to introduce them to the world of hypnosis, where would you begin and why?

I would prob­a­bly begin by say­ing that every­thing they know about hyp­no­sis is prob­a­bly wrong. Then I would explain how the mis­con­cep­tions sur­round­ing hyp­no­sis got start­ed, and why. After that, I would explain what we now know about hyp­no­sis, based on the stud­ies per­formed just in past decade. I would also add descrip­tions of some of my expe­ri­ences under and obser­va­tions regard­ing hypnosis.

When all that is done, I would ask if they want to be hyp­no­tized and if they would con­sent to let­ting my hyp­no­tize them.

After that? Well, by then they still may be curi­ous but they would­n’t be novices any longer.

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