BlogCatalog: not worth the effort

I have a very good plu­g­in in All-In-One Web­mas­ter, which con­cen­trates sup­port for a num­ber of blog-ori­ent­ed web­sites and ser­vices, not the least of which are Google Web­mas­ter and Google Ana­lyt­ics, Yahoo, etc. It puts in the meta tags and code into the blog pages to iden­ti­fy the blog to these ser­vices and makes it easy to reg­is­ter for these ser­vices if not already registered. 

One of the web ser­vices this plu­g­in sup­ports is Blog­Cat­a­log. I went and signed up with the ser­vice and added the returned ID code into the set­tings page and ver­i­fied the data was in the blog page. Then I wait­ed for Blog­Cat­a­log to fin­ish query­ing the web­site to check the tag and ver­i­fy the site was there.

That was a cou­ple of weeks ago. With a week, i got a mes­sage from Blog­Cat­a­log say­ing they could­n’t ver­i­fy the blog, which was bogus as I could see that the required meta tag was present. I wait­ed about anoth­er week and tried again, with the same results.

There­fore, I went to the Blog­Cat­a­log web­site to reg­is­ter a com­plaint. What I found was that the com­ment form was­n’t work­ing, and when I tried to add a dis­cus­sion about this sit­u­a­tion, I got an almost-blank page with a mes­sage say­ing “An unex­pect­ed error occurred.”

If that’s the lev­el of sup­port Blog­Cat­a­log has for its own web­site, then its not worth my time to do any­thing fur­ther with it. I’ve removed the ID code from the set­tings pages and will have noth­ing fur­ther to do with them. Its just not worth the effort. 

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