My Thanks to You All

[amtap book:isbn=0471831123]

Just a short note to thank all of you who click on the Ama­zon links that I include with some of the post­ings here, even if you don’t buy any­thing there (but I sus­pect its bet­ter if you do.) Because you do that, I earn a small amount of cred­it with Ama­zon. Not a great deal, but enough builds up over a cou­ple of months that I was able to add “The Induc­tion of Hyp­no­sis” (above, used) by William Edmon­ston, Jr., to my col­lec­tion this month for about â…“ off. Its a very detailed his­to­ry of hyp­no­sis and espe­cial­ly hyp­not­ic induc­tions and how they changed over the years. And by years, I mean cen­turies and millenia.

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