“Voodoo: Dancing in the Dark”

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When for­mer super­hero Priscil­la Kitaen (code name Voodoo) trav­els to New Orleans to dis­cov­er her future, she becomes involved with a bat­tle between fac­tions of the loa and an attempt to res­ur­rect a dead sorcerer.

Voodoo was a mem­ber of the WildC.A.T.s, a covert action super­hero team, who became dis­ap­point­ed with her life as a super­hero and trav­elled to New Orleans to take up her for­mer job as an exot­ic dancer (stage name: Voodoo.) Upon arriv­ing, she is met by both Papa Leg­ba and Mait’ Car­refour, decid­ing to fol­low the lat­ter to dance at the Mid­night Lounge. The own­er of the Lounge, Chris­t­ian Charles, was mur­der­ing dancers and any­one who inquired about them as part of his scheme to use the blood to revive his dead father, Jean-Pierre LaCroix, with the assis­tance of Car­refour. Papa Leg­ba and the oth­ers of the loa are wor­ried that his scheme would suc­cede all too well, and saw Priscil­la as their appoint­ed tool to stop him.

When Chris­t­ian is final­ly able to res­ur­rect his father, the loa can­not inter­vene, but a for­mer super­hero can. Danc­ing and pos­sessed (rid­den) by Erzulie Fre­da, Priscil­la lures Chris­t­ian Charles and his res­ur­rect­ed father through Erzule’s own super­nat­ur­al attrac­tion back to the hotel where his father was killed and where he con­fronts the three of the most pow­er­ful of the loa, Erzule, Papa Leg­ba and Baron Same­di. Togeth­er, they put and end to the plans of Chris­t­ian Charles and his father. And when her job was fin­ished, Priscil­la begins her true ini­ti­a­tion into voodoo.

Com­men­tary: “Voodoo: Danc­ing in the Dark”  was writ­ten by one of the best super­hero comics writ­ers in the busi­ness, Alan Moore, tak­ing the char­ac­ter in ways nev­er imag­ined by her cre­aters (as they state in the fore­word to the col­lec­tion.) Moore has said this was not his best work, but it still stands as a good read. Plus, as fas as I can tell, it is faith­ful and true to the prin­ci­ples of voodoo.

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