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Voodoo: Dancing in the Dark”

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When former superhero Priscilla Kitaen (code name Voodoo) travels to New Orleans to discover her future, she becomes involved with a battle between factions of the loa and an attempt to resurrect a dead sorcerer.

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This Week in Comics — 2011/01/12

Heroes for Hire #2”

Someone is selling new hardware on the street. Heroes for Hire have been hired to discover who and what. What they find are demonically-possessed weapons that bond to their wielders. The bullets the guns shoot cause supernatural wounds but the guns themselves wound the wielder to the point of consuming their souls. It takes some supernatural assistance for the Heroes (in the form of Satana the succubus and Ghost Rider) to end the threat.

But the real interest is in who appears in the last panel. Someone thought dead from suiciding with a basement full of explosives. Someone who is one of the oldest mind controllers in the Marvel universe. Someone who is pulling the strings of the Heroes for Hire behind everyone’s back.

The Puppet Master. 

Which just goes to show that no matter how they die in the comics, villains will always come back if the author or editor wants them to return.

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