This Week in Comics — 2012/01/18

Birds of Prey #5

“Mind Control … and Murder!

The team (Black Canary, Poi­son Ivy, Katana and Star­ling, plus guest Bat­girl) dis­cov­er they are miss­ing the time they con­front­ed the mys­te­ri­ous voice, yet they all have dif­fer­ent mem­o­ries of what mem­o­ries were miss­ing. Plus Bat­girl her­self is miss­ing. Against that kind of con­trol their oppo­nent seems to have, can they con­front him? Well, they think they can.

It takes a day for things start com­ing back togeth­er: Bat­girl rejoins the group as Black Canary makes a discovery:

I think Choke’s made ordi­nary cit­i­zens into sleep­er agents. We already know he can turn peo­ple into walk­ing bombs and trans­mit­ting devices, so why not full-on soldiers?

If we find one of them, we can fol­low the trail back to Choke, and then pound some answers out of him.

There’s just one prob­lem: Star­ling is miss­ing. She (appar­ent­ly) got the same loca­tion for the meet­ing but the place she reads is not the same place as before. And she’s been set up. Not Good.

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