‘Zipping Along’ (1953)

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In the Coy­ote’s ever-present quest to catch the Road Run­ner, he resorts to hyp­no­sis! Of course, the fail here is quite epic.

In one of the many seg­ments of Zip­ping Along’. Wile E Coy­ote is read­ing the book “Hyp­no­tism Self-Taught” by Her­shen­berg­er, par­tic­u­lar­ly the chap­ter ‘How to Induce a Per­son to Jump Off a Cliff’. Armed with his new knowl­edge, Wile E Coy­ote is able to hyp­no­tize a fly into march­ing off a rock, with much stereo­typ­i­cal light­ning and sound effects. Now, for the Road Run­ner. Except the Road Run­ner is for some rea­son car­ry­ing a hand mir­ror, and reflects the hyp­not­ic light­ning back into the Coy­ote’s eyes. Under his own spell, the Coy­ote march­es off the near­est cliff.

Com­men­tary: One has to won­der whether ACME was also a book pub­lish­er: the Coy­ote’s luck with the infor­ma­tion from the book was about the same as with any of the mech­a­nisms he got on order from ACME. And its also imme­di­ate­ly obvi­ous what went wrong for the Coy­ote: when he hyp­no­tized the fly, he was using an under­hand motion where­as when he tried to hyp­no­tize the Road Run­ner, he was using an over­hand motion; maybe he skipped that part of the book.

How­ev­er, I have not been able to deter­mine whether the book shown was an actu­al pub­li­ca­tion, or whether it was pos­si­bly a joke on some­one in the stu­dio by that name. Cer­tain­ly the chap­ter title is fictional.


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  • Kenneth Keith

    There were three rules in the Road Run­ner cartoons:

    1) The Road Run­ner only runs on the road.
    2) The road is always in the Desert Southwest.
    3) All equipt­ment that Wile E. Coy­ote uses are from ACME Corp.

    IIRC at the end of anoth­er RR car­toon the cam­era zooms in for a shot at the builder’s plate of an ACME cat­a­pult and we see that ACME is owned by the Road Runner!