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Svengali of Sex!” — Detective World Magazine

Expose of Carnival Hypnotism Racket
September, 1948

When I awoke I found myself in bed in a trailer, and someone had taken my clothes. The door opened and Reinhardt entered. 

Thus begins a lurid tale of the exploits of a carnival sideshow hypnotist as told by the woman he swept away from her life, among the many other women he similarly seduced and stole away and pressed into service at the carnival, manning the booths, with no way or no desire to return. 

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Love and Passion Under Hypnosis” by Walter Hale

Love and Passion Under Hypnosis

Are Helpless Girls Betrayed by Hypnotists?

Playgirl Presents — A Shocking Special Edition

Stranger Than Bridey Murphy

Baring Fantastic Facts About Sex Under Hypnotic Suggestion

Profusely Illustrated with Uncensorsed Candid Photos

Love and Passion Under Hypnosis

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