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The Hypnotic Tarot — Part I: The Suits

I have quite an interest in the Tarot, largely from a symbolic and possibly even a Jungian perspective and certainly from an artistic standpoint. As an art collector, I have several pieces of art that are based on the Tarot, including “The Star” by Frank Kelly Freas 1 that is one of the “stars” of my entire collection.

I also know that it is common for Tarot enthusiasts to create their own Tarot deck: doing so not only personalizes it, it deepens the connection with the Tarot symbology and imagery for the individual. Therefore, its only natural to combine this interest with my interest in hypnosis to want to create the Hypnotic Tarot deck. Of course, one caveat: everything surrounding the Tarot is open (and quite fervently) to discussion and argument, from the history of the Tarot to the individual meanings of each symbol. What follows is my own interpretation which has about as much (or as little) validity as any one else’s.

This first part will discuss the basic elements of the Tarot, the suits and their accompanying symbols. The Suits order the Minor Arcana, the 52 cards that eventually became the playing cards in use today. The Suits and their symbols also appear regularly in the Major Arcana. Subsequent parts will cover the Major Arcana and the individual Suits of the Minor Arcana.

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