This Week in Comics — 2013/01/09

I have not been reading most of the new DC 52 universe, especially the Superman titles, but I at least try to keep up in case something shows up that I should be aware of.

Well, that paid off this week.

Action Comics #16: “The Second Death of Superman”

I’m not exactly sure what is happening here: chaotic is hardly a description for what is going on, but at some level it appears someone has broken time so that things are happening out of time and across time, culminating with the return the creature who killed Superman in a famous storyline several years ago and the return of the Crisis of Infinite Worlds. Oh, and the founding three adult members of the Legion of Super-Heroes just showed up, traveling from a future where they were outlawed.

If that last part sounds familiar, it should: the Legion had been outlawed in the past, through the machinations of the super-hypnotist Universo. In fact, even the future time has broken, and the Legion themselves unknowingly help Universo attain power before they are outlawed and they have to return to the present to prevent the changes in the future.

Universo: After all, a hypnotic disguise is child’s play, no more than a mere modicum of skill, even in front of a mass audience. However, hypnotically inducing a powerful telepath to think she scanned your mind … now that requires subtlety.

As this sequence is not in the regular Legion title, I must assume that these events are part of the chaotic timeline and not set in the current continuity.

Mars Attacks Popeye

IDW is publishing a number of comics based on “Mars Attacks”, the early trading card set and the later interest and movie surrounding it. Among the one-shot comics include crossovers with Judge Dredd, Ghostbusters and Popeye.

In “Mars Attacks Popeye”, the invading horde of Martians are met by the Sea Hag, who hypnotizes them all to do her bidding, which, being the destruction of the town of Sweethaven and Popeye, is quite to their liking. However, even the scientific might of the Martian invaders is no match for the spinach-powered fists of Popeye and his father Poopdeck Pappy.

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