‘Enchantée!’ — “Eerie Cuties”

One of the more fun web comics I fol­low is “Eerie Cuties” about a trio of sexy super­nat­ur­al teenaged girl­friends and their equal­ly super­nat­ur­al friends. (Ace, below, is actu­al­ly a were­wolf.) All the tropes of typ­i­cal car­toon teenagers com­bined with all the tropes of typ­i­cal car­toon super­nat­ur­al events. I this case, its dating.

But what do you do when you’re dress­ing for a date and one of the oth­er ‘cuties’ is mak­ing moves on your guy? Espe­cial­ly since appar­ent­ly this is not the first time (or the sec­ond, or the third … ) that this has happened?

ec20130114a Why, you get spell­cast­ing Moth­er to do some­thing about it.


Appar­ent­ly this is not the first time this has hap­pened, giv­en the almost casu­al way she casts her spell, and most like­ly with the same person.

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