The previous post, “The Hypnotic Eye (1960) Part I” is my 50th post. Hard to believe that I’ve come this far already. That roughly means I’ve posted 10 times per month in the past 5 months. Of course not all of the posts were not about the collection but a very large percentage of them were.

And its appropriate this movie was that milestone. Its a classic example of the stereotypes surrounding hypnosis, with its darkly sinister hypnotist and the unresisting and endangered subjects. That it had a real professional stage hypnotist working behind the scene to assist on the scenes and even hypnotize the cast to have the go into trance on camera only adds to the appeal.

Its also appropriate as I possess a great deal of material related to the movie, which will be forthcoming. I believe I have in my collect all of the publicity stills released, plus complete copies of both the British and US pressbooks. Even a copy of the script, too! My biggest problem is figuring out how to display it all in the blog.

And once that’s all done, I have to wonder: what will I do for post # 100?

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