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Free Comics Saturday happens the first Saturday in May. Its an opportunity for publishers to introduce new readers to their publications and a chance for comics stores to draw a crowd on an otherwise weaker sales day. Either way, there were over a dozen different titles to choose from this year and of course, at least one had to have some form of comic book mind control plot element. I looked and I found this:

Young Justice / Batman Super Sampler”

In the first half of this double issue, Young Justice (originally from the comic then the animated series on Cartoon Network, consisting of Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian and Aqualad) is called to defeat one of the Justice League’s old foes, the Psycho Pirate, who is stealing a container of plutonium. By means of the Medusa Mask, the Psycho Pirate can manipulate the emotions of anyone around him, and that includes innocent bystanders suddenly filled with hatred of Young Justice. When that doesn’t stop them, the Psycho Pirate amplifies their own emotions of inadequacy and despair and the team becomes emotionally entranced, but Kid Flash’s accelerated metabolism allows him to push through the emotional bondage. As for the Psycho Pirate, Kid Flash disarms him with a little “mud in his eyes” and removes the mask, stopping its effects. But that isnt the end. The Psycho Pirate is in the pay of another villain, the Atomic Skull who wanted the plutonium and is more capable of fighting off Young Justice to the point of escaping almost with the goods.

Side note: the back of this issue advertises Warner Brothers’ Saturday Morning Stars! DVD line, including Swat Kats, Challenge of the Gobots, Thundarr the Barbarian, Mr T and The Herculoids. I mention this because the final three listed all have at least one episode with hypnosis / mind control episode, and I would suspect the other two have at least one, as well.

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