Private Psycho Lesson” (1997)


In “Private Psycho Lesson”, psychologist Sara Iijima has a singular approach to helping her clients overcome sexual hangups using hypnosis and a singular (and quite sensual) style in inducing hypnosis.


The animé here is definitely adults only: it is highly sexual and explicit in nature and the corresponding description below does refer to adult themes and images.

Description: Doctor Iijima is a world-renowned psychotherapist specializing in sex therapy though hypnosis. Her induction method is quite unique: by causing her very ample breasts to rotate (sometimes she can do this at will but sometimes she has manual assistance) she captures the attention of her subject as the rotating motion causes the hallucination of rotating spirals, placing them in a deep trance with a corresponding deep rapport with Doctor Iijima. Through that naked (literally as well as figuratively) rapport she is able to resolve her subject’s sexual problems.

She is assisted by Tamine, who does not demonstrate any psychological training but does help her in other ways, and apparently is there to catch the occasional “feel” of Doctor Iijima’s large breasts.

There are two episodes to this collection.

The first episode, ‘Yuri’, is about Yuri, a young woman who hates women with large breasts, and of course, Doctor Iijima has a personal interest in that. Doctor Iijima is hired to investigate and assist her, and she finds out the woman has a side job as a prostitute. When she first tries to help Yuri, Doctor Iijima is attacked but is rescued when Tamine intervenes. That encounter caused Doctor Iijima to lose faith in her abilities, and Doctor Chang has to perform some therapy of his own to restore his pupil’s confidence. Her next encounter with Yuri is much more successful, as she is able to entrance Yuri before Yuri can attack her, and, once entranced, the cause of her hatred is revealed and cured.

The second episode, ‘Erika’, is about Doctor Erika, an old colleague of Doctor Iijima: in fact, they were both students under Doctor Chang. Doctor Iijima discovers that Erika is using a variation of Doctor Chang’s technique as a training aid: in fact, its a brainwashing technique that turns her male victims into mindless drones. Erika tries to control Doctor Iijima through the same technique, but she is too strong to be controlled, but the same cannot be said for Tamine, who assaults Doctor Iijima until a swift knee to the groin releases him from Erika’s control. With Erika still believing she is in control, Doctor Iijima and Tamine stand before her, and Tamine manipulates Doctor Iijima’s breasts to hypnotize Erika as Doctor Iijima provides some very needed psychotherapy.

Commentary: As far as the hypnosis goes, the basic therapy techniques are pretty sound, once you get past the unique character of the inductions and trance states. (And given the nature of the inductions, I’m sure that some people would be entranced, special technique or not.)

Recommendation: Actually, there is more to recommend this than might be expected. Yes, as expected, there is a lot of sex and nudity but they’re actually pretty well done for the period, but the stories are interesting

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The original edition was first released on VHS and later remastered to DVD. The original DVD appears to be long out of print and a collector’s item now, whereas the DVD labelled as a second volume is apparently a re-release.

Warning: The episodes are quite graphic and explicit and is not limited to nudity and explicit discussion of sexuality; there are tentacles and similar perversions, too.


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