Cowboys & Aliens


Went to see “Cowboys & Aliens” yesterday. For those people still unaware, its based on an independent comic about an alien attack on the America Southwest, probably sometime in the 1870s. These aliens are attacking the locals, kidnapping them for experiments while at the same time mining gold in the region. Overall it was a good movie, better than I’ve seen it reviewed, and I enjoyed it. (It was also nice to see that Harrison Ford hasn’t lost his touch.)

However, the relevant area of the movie is only a brief scene, but it also explains a large plot point. When the lead, Jake Lonergan, is discovered, he has no memory of himself, only a picture of a woman and a mysterious metal bracelet on his left arm. Only when he’s in town is he identified as a wanted criminal. But when he is to be takn away and the aliens attack does the bracelet reveal itself to be an alien weapon, which brings down one of the alien assault ships. However, the many other ships have already carried off a number of the townsfolk.

Through a number of trials and difficulties, Jake and the remaining townsfolk track the aliens back to their ship and mount a rescue. During the rescue, Jake discovers the missing townsfolk in a large chamber, still bound in the alien grapples, all staring blankly at the light in the ceiling. Despite being warned, Jake looks at the light and starts zoning out, only to awaken when his companion shoots the mechanism. As for the others who were under the light for much longer, their memories are affected, causing minor to severe memory loss. (And for at least one individual, its an improvement.)

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