This Week in Comics — 2012/02/15

Birds of Prey #6

Clean Getaway”

The confrontation with Choke and the Cleaners is building to a head. The Birds of Prey track down one of the individuals who is under the thrall of Choke and manage to release him from Choke’s control, then send him back to his regular job to act as a lure to draw out Choke. Little do the Birds know that the entire office staff is under Choke’s control, all mindlessly preparing to attack at the same time reciting strange phrases that just might be control triggers to take over the Birds of Prey themselves.

Star Trek and The Legion of Super-Heroes #5

With the identity of the mysterious Emperor of Earth revealed, the question is, how was Vandal Savage / Flint transformed into the ruthless conqueror of the galaxy and how did he accomplish that feat? The answer lies in the mysterious force that he keeps locked away, a force that allows him to manipulate reality and compel his subjects to obey him utterly. An intelligent force that does not appreciate being locked away, a powerful and petulant force used to going wherever and whenever it willed, unbound by any restrictions. A force that does not like losing, especially to a Stone-Age savage such as Vandal Savage.

A force that should need no introduction to anyone who followed “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.

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