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Devil Girl From Mars” Publicity Stills

A whole set of images from the movie “Devil Girl From Mars”, posted by writer Bruce Sterling.

Patricia Laffan as the title character.

A really awful aliens-from-space movie: Martian woman Nyah (Patricia Laffan) comes to Earth to kidnap Earth men to help repopulate Mars after a devastating war between the sexes. She traps a group of people inside an inn within an “electric wall”, which allows the film to be shot in the studio instead of on location. Nyah possesses the power of invisibility and a hypnotic stare, and a robot companion named Chani who uses a disintegrator ray. The movie’s ad line says it all: “She Wanted to Take Young Men Back To Mars.” Comparison to “Mars Needs Women” are obvious, even though the latter was produced over a decade later.

30 Days of Hypnosis: Day 12

What’s your favorite pop culture reference about hypnosis?

Whew! So many possibilities.

The first one that comes to mind is “The Hypnotic Eye”. A movie about a sinister stage hypnotist who entrances his lovely subjects certainly plays to many of the public misconceptions regarding hypnosis, plus the producers had a professional stage hypnotist instruct the actor how to perform on camera as well as hypnotizing the actresses to go in to a trance on cue. Regrettably, it suffers from low public knowledge so it barely registers as a pop culture icon.

Another one that comes to mind is the classic spiral motif that so represents hypnosis in popular culture. That and the spooky, swirly music that seems to always accompany it in any advertisement or television episode scene transition. The same also goes for dangling crystals and staring eyes.

But I guess my favorite has to be “Trilby”. No other work so influenced the pop culture regarding hypnosis throughout its history. It is one of the few culture icons that directly influenced the English language, with the addition of “Svengali” as a term for a manipulative mentor.

Miss Pat Collins” — The Documentary

She was the most famous female hypnotist ever. She appeared in four cable network specials, numerous talk shows and game shows, at least four different TV programs as her self, and one movie appearance. She had her own club on the famed Sunset Strip in Hollywood and was friends with numerous Hollywood personalities. In between that, she also had a successful hypnotherapy practice and instructed other professional hypnotists. Very few, if any, did more to dispel the fallacies about hypnosis during her life.

She was Pat Collins.

No other hypnotist had such an impact on the popular culture, yet few people now remember her. Well, now that should change.

Now a documentary on the life of Pat Collins is available for viewing. It includes material from her movie and TV appearances in a documentary about her life. Enclosed here is the trailer for the documentary:

To purchase a copy of the documentary, go to the Miss Pat Collins website. I know I will.

The Avengers” (2012)


The summer’s biggest movie so far, and likely the biggest of the whole summer, is Marvel’s “The Avengers”. Directed and scripted by Joss Wheton, it has all the action anyone would want in a movie as well as the humor, the characters, even the pathos.

And, it even has mind control. NOTE: Spoilers Ahead! You Have Been Warned!

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A “Mandrake the Magician” movie appearing?

Well, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers had obtained the rights to the nearly 80-year-old character of Mandrake the Magician and is teaming up with a production company named Atlas Productions to produce it. Of course, this does have to be taken with a certain level of skepticism: just the act of obtaining the rights and announcing that a movie is in the works has happened so many times in the past, to just about every possible property available. Its all part of the high-stakes money game that is Hollywood. In fact, even the Mandrake property has been through the potential production cycle a few times itself.

The article goes on to name some names that I don’t recognize but must be known to the Hollywood insider target audience. According to the article, the producers want to give Mandrake a “21st Century makeover” as what happened to the most recent Sherlock Holmes movies, but I would more prefer an actual updating of the property to not only bring it actually into the present day but also get rid of the early racial stereotyping embedded in the stories.

I for one would be very interested in seeing what might come of this, if it actually makes it to the big screen. That being said, I would hope it would be done by people who respect the original source and the concepts within it.

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