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‘Spiderman Night Fever’ — “Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man”

“Death Dance of the Hypno-Hustler”

In “Peter Park­er, the Spec­tac­u­lar Spder-Man” # 24 (Novem­ber, 1978) the Hyp­no-Hus­tler is out to score big, and the man­age­ment and the audi­ence at the Beyond For­ev­er Dis­co are just the first to hear and feel the pow­er of mes­mer­iz­ing music. Unfor­tu­nate­ly for him, Spi­der-Man is in the audi­ence, and he has expe­ri­ence in fight­ing mind-con­trol­ling foes before. He has very lit­tle trou­ble against a rook­ie like the Hypno-Hustler.

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‘The Phantom From the Past’ — “The Wild, Wild West”

“James West uncov­ers a dead­ly con­spir­a­cy that grips New Orleans in a hyp­not­ic spell!” 

So says the cov­er blurb for issue #2 (Nove­mer, 1966) of “The Wild, Wild West” com­ic by Gold Key, one of the minor com­ic book pub­lish­ers dur­ing the Sil­ver Age, pri­mar­i­ly known for their ‘kid’s’ books and TV tie-ins. 

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‘Lois Lane, Super-Baby-Sitter’ — “Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane”

Acci­den­tal expo­sure to an youth-restor­ing treat­ment has turned Super­man into Superba­by, and Lois Lane and Lana Lang, rivals in seek­ing to win the heart (and hand in mar­riage) of Super­man, see an oppor­tu­ni­ty to final­ly get the (Super)man of their dreams, albeit with a lit­tle hyp­not­ic help.

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This Week in Comics — 2011/03/09

Heroes for Hire #4

The Pup­pet Mas­ter’s con­trol over Misty (only here did I see that her real name is Mer­cedes) Knight is quick­ly dete­ri­o­rat­ing, and despite his efforts, she is able to break free of his hold and emerge from the fan­ta­sy land dream state she was trapped in. The Pup­pet Mas­ter is in for a world of hurt, but he has a back­up plan, in the form of the Pun­ish­er (who knows Misty and has pro­vid­ed some mate­r­i­al assis­tance to her and her part­ner Colleen. which might the only way she could sur­vive.) It is assumed that he is also under the con­trol of the Pup­pet Master.

We also see that the Pup­pet Mas­ter is work­ing for a mys­te­ri­ous supe­ri­or, who sup­plied the advanced tech­nol­o­gy that inter­faced with her bion­ic arm that facil­i­tat­ed his con­trol over her. This is cer­tain­ly a far cry from the radioac­tive clay he nor­mal­ly uses to con­trol his vic­tims but it also demon­strates that he knows more about the mind and how to con­trol it than nor­mal­ly shown.

Legion of Super-Villains

Even though Sat­urn Queen is sup­pos­ed­ly safe­ly locked away on Tarkon-Gal­tos, held in a cell that should restrict her tele­path­ic pow­ers, she is some­how able to con­trol the war­den into releas­ing her. That is only the begin­ning, as she starts a gen­er­al riot to cov­er her own escape, along with a small, select group of fol­low­ers (includ­ing her fel­low LSV founder Light­ning Lord, who is not lik­ing her assump­tion of author­i­ty, but not Cos­mic King, inter­est­ing­ly enough.)

Her pur­pose? She has gone beyond the lim­it­ing scope of good and evil and has embraced chaos as the fun­da­men­tal right of exis­tence, and is will­ing to destroy the three worlds which sym­bol­ize law in the uni­verse. She is appar­ent­ly work­ing for a high­er pow­er, whose sym­bol is the blue flame that ris­es from her hand and binds her group to her purpose.

The first world she attempts is the strongest defend­ed, Oa, the for­mer home of the Guardians and the spon­sors of the Green Lanterns: even though the Green Lanterns were almost com­plet­ed destroyed, the Lantern Corps is now being rebuilt. But they aren’t need­ed to defend Oa, it has oth­er defens­es Sat­urn Queen is unable to pierce at this time. Instead, the pow­er that guides her directs her to anoth­er, stranger tar­get: the Rock of Infin­i­ty, the for­mer home of the wiz­ard Shaz­am and the source of mag­ic and the pow­ers of the Mar­vel fam­i­ly, as well as the cen­ter of belief in the uni­verse. Unable to dam­age it by nor­mal means, it is shat­tered when anoth­er mys­ti­cal plan­et (Gem­world, maybe?) is thrown against it. Sat­urn Queen and her entourage leave before they see that there was some­one trapped with­in it that oth­er world has now been released, most like­ly not the pow­er whose orders she is following.

‘The Psychobombs’ — “UFO”

Cap­sule Descrip­tion: A secret orga­ni­za­tion, ded­i­cat­ed to pro­tect­ing Earth against an alien foe, is tar­get­ed by the aliens by trans­form­ing ordi­nary peo­ple into “psy­cho-bombs”.

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