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When a Century is not a Century

I just noticed that I now have over 100 posts in my blog. Usually that would be a matter of celebration, except that several of those posts (11, to be precise, including this one) are more of a station-keeping nature (post about the blog) than actually posts about what the blog is about, that being hypnosis in fictional media.

Therefore, I will hold off any celebrations until I have published 100 posts exclusively about the topics that this blog is about, and I expect that will happen sometime in July: I already have four more posts scheduled, as I will be busy the next couple of weekends.


No, not the movie “Looker” but someone obviously based on it.

I’m talking about the DC Comics character Looker, and she was quite appropriately named.

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Hypnotized’ by Fleetwood Mac

It’s the same kind of story
That seems to come down from long ago
Two friends having coffee together
When something flies by their window
It might be out on that lawn
Which is wide, at least half of a playing field
Because there’s no explaining what your imagination
Can make you see and feel

Seems like a dream
(They) got me hypnotized

One of Fleetwood Mac’s lesser hits, off the “Mystery to Me” album, ‘Hypnotized’ (written by Bob Welch) is a low-key, slow-tempo song, almost introspective in a way, but the almost dreamy aspect of the song lends itself well to the exposition of the subject of hypnosis.


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Hypnotist Teaches Lapdancers How to Hypnotize Their Audience

Look into my thighs… not around the thighs

Hypnotist teaches lapdancers

As reported in The Sun, a hypnotist in England is teaching dancers some elementary hypnotic techniques to help them get more money out of their patrons.

A HYPNOTIST is helping lapdancers lure men into spending more money on their sexy shows.

Entertainer Grant Saunders was called in by club boss Jason Armitage as takings slumped in the recession.

Grant, 34, said: “They will use a technique called anchoring. The man’s subconscious mind becomes open to suggestion as a dancer speaks to him and gives him a little touch on the shoulder or the knee.

But no one will be put in a trance, in the style of Little Britain hypnotist Kenny Craig — played by Matt Lucas — who used the line: “Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, not around the eyes.”

Commentary: The Sun is Britain’s answer to the New York Post, both being rather salacious news organizations with a focus on the sensational. Here, the sensational involves the sexual and domination stereotype surrounding hypnosis and exotic dancers using that stereotype, at least the blaring headline: one might be led to think of dancers using mysterious hypnotic techniques in their dances to entrance and enthrall their audience into showering them with money.

However, the accompanying article itself is pretty straightforward about the technique (anchoring) used and its application, a well-known technique for hypnotists and in the arsenal of ‘seduction masters’ and hypnotic ‘pick-up’ artists.

Looker” (1981)


[amtap amazon:asin=B00005JP4N]

Famous plastic surgeon Larry Roberts (Albert Finney) is under suspicion of murder when several of his clients, all beautiful models, start turning up dead, and incriminating evidence is found at the scene. The strange part, is that his clients were already quite beautiful but wanted very minor but very specific adjustments made. Now, only one of these clients, CIndy Fairmont (Susan Dey), is still alive and they come together to solve the mystery.

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