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‘Zipping Along’ (1953)

In the Coy­ote’s ever-present quest to catch the Road Run­ner, he resorts to hyp­no­sis! Of course, the fail here is quite epic.

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‘The Eyes Have It’ (1945)

Don­ald Duck gets a hyp­no­tism kit in the mail, com­plete with hyp­no-gog­gles and an instruc­tion book that tells him to “Select a Sub­ject of Low Intel­li­gence”, and so he selects his dog Plu­to. Stereo­typ­i­cal hilar­i­ty results.

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“The Avengers” (2012)


The sum­mer’s biggest movie so far, and like­ly the biggest of the whole sum­mer, is Mar­vel’s “The Avengers”. Direct­ed and script­ed by Joss Wheton, it has all the action any­one would want in a movie as well as the humor, the char­ac­ters, even the pathos.

And, it even has mind con­trol. NOTE: Spoil­ers Ahead! You Have Been Warned!

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