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Zipping Along’ (1953)

In the Coyote’s ever-present quest to catch the Road Runner, he resorts to hypnosis! Of course, the fail here is quite epic.

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The Eyes Have It’ (1945)

Donald Duck gets a hypnotism kit in the mail, complete with hypno-goggles and an instruction book that tells him to “Select a Subject of Low Intelligence”, and so he selects his dog Pluto. Stereotypical hilarity results.

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The Avengers” (2012)


The summer’s biggest movie so far, and likely the biggest of the whole summer, is Marvel’s “The Avengers”. Directed and scripted by Joss Wheton, it has all the action anyone would want in a movie as well as the humor, the characters, even the pathos.

And, it even has mind control. NOTE: Spoilers Ahead! You Have Been Warned!

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