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Judge Anderson Makes an Appearance

The latest scenes posted online from the filming of the new Judge Dredd movie “Dredd” include a shot of Psi-Judge Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), alongside the title character, notably as she appeared in the 2000 AD comics without the standard judge’s helmet and what appears to be a Psi-Judge badge. (Its mostly covered by her arm but its significantly different than Judge Dredd’s badge.)

Psi-Judges were a special section of the the Judges in the Judge Dredd comic published in the 2000 AD comics magazine, individuals with psychic talents such as telepathy, empathy, precognition, etc. Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson was a powerful telepath and also possessed a facility for precognition. She was considered one of the strongest telepaths in the section and was one of the few other judges, including Psi-Judges, that Judge Dredd himself trusted.

Although its unknown what use the character’s psychic powers will be in the storyline, it is still a good sign that she appears in the new movie. At least is should be better than the last attempt.

Trance” by Kelly Meding

[amtap book:isbn=1451620926]

Fifteen years ago, Teresa “Trance” West was a skilled telepath and a proud member of the Ranger Corps. But ever since the Rangers were inexplicably rendered powerless at the climax of the devastating Meta War, she’s bounced from one dead-end job to another. Now her powers have reappeared just as mysteriously as they vanished— only they’re completely transformed and more potent than ever. And they’re threatening to destroy her.

It was a battle decades in making: the Ranger Corps, government sponsored Metas (people with super-powers) battling the Banes (anyone else with similar powers.) It all came down to a running battle in downtown Manhattan, as the more numerous Banes slew the Rangers, reducing their numbers until only the youngest members remained, which included Trance, ‘ten-going-on-eleven’ with the power to hypnotize people by looking into their eyes, which wasn’t much help during the running firefight. It was all reaching the end, their comrades and family down, nothing left to protect and defend them.

And then it was over. All the Metas lost their powers at once. The government stepped in to remove the remaining underaged Rangers and try to return them to society, leaving the Banes to stay on the ruined island. And the world went on with its business.

But it wasn’t over. Somehow, the mysterious process that caused the Metas to lose their powers stopped several years later. The battle, left on hold for so many years, was back on again. Their old enemy, Spectre, was already targeting them before they can re-unite.

Commentary: Alas, the only scene seen with Trance using her hypnotic powers is in the first few pages, so the potential of the book’s title was essentially wasted, but it still is worthy of being an entry in the Collection because of the powers of the opponent, Spectre, which are telepathic and telekinetic control, which he uses to control innocent victims and force them to attack the Meta heroes.

History: I saw this title at the bookstore last week and felt tempted to get it, if only for the possibility that the ‘trance’ as described involved some form of hypnotic control. I was not disappointed when I discovered this line within the first few pages:

My ability to hypnotize people and alter their thoughts worked only if I looked them in the eye.

Therefore I was disappointed when at the end of the first chapter, every one of the Metas lost their powers, and later, when they got them back, Trance got her grandmother’s energy control powers instead. Such a waste …

And I did have my doubts about the book, because it had the (external) hallmarks of being part of the ‘paranormal romance’ genre, but I found that this wasn’t the case. There is a strong romantic element to it, but its not as strong as the genre I mentioned would indicate. For my part, I see the ‘paranormal romance’ genre consisting of hot chicks with paranormal backgrounds (vampires, demons, werewolves, etc.) involved equally with hot&heavy sex and violence. This wasn’t the case here, as the sex was pretty non-existent and the romance angle as a rational part of the character development.

Recommendation: I can’t really recommend it for the hypnotic angle but it was a fairly good read.

Edmund Shaftesbury

Edmund Shaftesbury was the pseudonym of Webster Edgerly (1852–1926). Edgerly was a prolific writer on a variety of subjects, predominantly self-improvement (not limited to personal magnetism) and health. The following description is from Alfred Armstrong’s web site on Webster Edgerly.

Albert Webster Edgerly was a self-help guru, a crank and a racist bigot. Possessed of seemingly boundless energy, from his twenties until his death he wrote and published many books and founded a series of organizations dedicated to health and self-improvement, mainly under his pseudonym “Edmund (or Edmonde) Shaftesbury”. As the begetter of the “Ralston Health Club” he also used the name “Dr Everett Ralston”. 

In about 1900, William Danforth invited “Dr Ralston” to participate in his Purina Wholefood Company. At that time Edgerly’s Health Club had a sizeable following [according to this, over 800,000] and he was noted for his pronouncements on diet, which were compatible with Danforth’s own philosophy. The company took a new name, Ralston Purina, under which it still traded until relatively recently, when it was acquired by Nestlé. 

Edgerly attempted in 1905 to put his utopian ideas into practice when he founded a community of Ralstonites at “Ralston Heights”. As is ever the case with such endeavors, it was not a success. 

Edgerly also created “Ralstonism”, a “minor social movement” based on his writings, all of which was to enable the follower the ability to develop “personal magnetism” and the power over the thoughts of others, among other benefits. To quote Edgerly: 

“We believe that Ralstonism, since it is becoming universal, is as necessary as food, light or water. This movement is the grandest, noblest, and already the most far-reaching power that has originated in the present age. 

“Ralstonism is the grandest movement that man is capable of establishing”. 

Followers were encouraged to purchase the Ralstonism books, among other ways to progress in the hierarchy of the movement. 

Ralstonites were to follow strict dietary guidelines. … Correct diet and proper physical exercise would help reader attain “personal magnetism”, which would give them control over the thoughts of others. Much of the physical régime demanded moving in graceful curves and arcs and walking exclusively on the balls of one’s feet. Because sudden starts and stops and sharp angular movements caused a “leakage of vital force”, Ralstonites were to even pick marbles in continuous circles. There was a proper way to bathe (dry bath), gesture, sit, stand, sleep, talk and have sex. Edgerly claimed a scientific basis for all this. 

To that end, he started Ralson Heights in New Jersey with the intent of creating a community of Ralsonites. Unfortunately the community never materialized before his death and afterward much of the territory was sold off. 

Among the relevant books are: 

“Instantaneous Personal Magnetism” (1926)

“The Magnetism Books”

  1. “Advanced Magnetism” (?)
    Control of Others Through the Feelings 
  2. “Mental Magnetism” (1934)
    Mastery in All the Conflicts of Life
    A Study of the Seven Realms of Mind and Mastery in the Conflicts of Life 
  3. “Sex Magnetism” (1924)
    Private Lessons in the Cultivation of Magnetism of the Sexes
    Teaching the Development and Wonderful Enlargement of those Powers and Influences That Nature has Invented to Aid Every Human Life
    A review of this book can be found here.
  4. “Operations of the Other Mind” (1934)
    Gigantic Powers of the Human Brain
    Making Known the Unseen Powers of the Universe in Their Control Over Human Life 
  5. “Personal Magnetism” (1924)
    This book does not contain chapters; instead, it contains a series of steps required to develop the “personal magnetism” of the title.
    A review of this book can be found here.
  6. “Universal Magnetism — Volume I” (?)
  7. “Universal Magnetism — Volume II (?)
    Secret Lessons in Control of Self and Others 

“The College of Mental Studies”

  1. “Future Seeing and Destiny” (?)
    800 lessons in philosophy. 
  2. “The Great Psychic” (?)
    The Master Mind of the Universe 
  3. “Life Electricity” (?)
    Creation of Extra-ordinary Health-Vitality 
  4. “Thought Transference” (?)
    “Or The Radio-Activity of the Human Mind”
    “Based on the Newly Discovered Laws of RADIO-Communiction Between BRAIN and BRAIN
    Uses of Telepathy, Mind and Thought 
  5. “Goal of Creation” (?)
    The Temple of Great Achievements 
  6. “Yourself Behind Closed Doors” (?)
    The Sublimist Study of Self 

And even though I have a number of these books, many in fine printing, I haven’t really been able to read them. 

Many of his books remain in print to this day. A complete listing of all works by this author is found here.

Other References:

The “Deryni” stories by Katherine Kurtz

They have mental and physical powers beyond the human norm: they can entrance with a glance, create light, heal wounds, and even teleport long distances. 

They are mutants. They live among normal humans, distinguished only by their powers, otherwise undistinguishable from any one else, distrusted and even hated by both the general populace and people in authority because of their gifts. Some try to use their gifts for good, others for evil: some just try to exist. 

But they’re not the X‑Men and they’re not superheroes: they’re the Deryni, a fantasy race and the subject of several books and short stories by author Katherine Kurtz.

⇒ Continue reading “The “Deryni” stories by Katherine Kurtz”

A Midsummer’s Nightmare” — Justice League

[amtap book:isbn=156389338X]

All across the world, people are developing super-powers, and the established super-powered beings are nowhere to be found. Called “sparks” and the phenomenon “sparking”, it is turning the world into a super battleground as gangs of sparks battle for turf. Its a dream of some, of having super-powers, that is turning into a nightmare for the entire world.

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