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Happy Anniversary Star Trek!

Its been quite a ride, Star Trek. 45 years ago, the first series aired its first episode (not the first filmed) to an unsuspecting audience. The result, after the three years of the “five year mission” was nothing short of the bginning of a revolution in television, movies and popular culture. And sprinkled in among the five different series and many movies are frequent stories about mind controlling aliens, telepathic control, hypnosis and even the Vulcan Mind Meld (created because the Standards & Practices department objected to Spock hypnotizing a patient, saying it was a medical procedure and that McCoy should do it.)

And, of course, I must post a shout to Bjo Trimble, the lady who was most responsible for the letter-writing campaign that got the original series’ renewal for the third season. Failing that, the series might not have been run in syndication (not enough episodes to market) and therefore never achieve the popularity it did. Because of her and the thousands and thousands of people who deluged NBC with letters, it survived long enough to finally find its place, and now phrases like “beam us up” and terms like “transporter” and “warp factor 9” are part of everyday slang.

The “Lensman” Series by ‘Doc’ E E Smith

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[amtap book:isbn=0739402625]

Description: The “Lensman” series by ‘Doc’ E E Smith is one of the classics of the pulp era of science fiction. A battle between Impossible opposites, with whole civilizations as pawns and counters in the game. There are battles in space between fleets so large they dwarf whole solar systems, weapons so immense as to stagger the imagination, and criminal conspiracies that covered galaxies.

Yet at the center of the series was the battle between the supportive mental giants of the planet Arisia and the conquering Eddorians from another universe. The Arisians find the Eddorians too tough to take on themselves, but find their relentless philosophy of conquest unpalatible, and resolve to oppose them. To that end, the Arisians began a slow, millions of years long project to produce the mental power needed to finally eliminate the Eddorians.That tale, told in various stages, makes up the story line.

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No, not the movie “Looker” but someone obviously based on it.

I’m talking about the DC Comics character Looker, and she was quite appropriately named.

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X‑Men: First Class”


In a summer where comics-based movies are coming out almost every couple of weeks, its takes a lot to stand out. But could a movie building on the reputation of a movie series, acting as a prequel to them, compete with the rest of the comics movies?

Yes, I believe it does.

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Creature Comforts’ — “X‑Men: To Serve and Protect” #1

Its a battle of the mind controllers: in one corner, Emma Frost, the White Queen, one of the strongest telepaths on the planet; in the other corner, the Mandrill, whose enhanced pheromone power turns any female into his adoring servant. But in any such contest, the odds favor the smartest, and the Mandrill was never known for being very bright.

Description: Emma Frost was pampering herself at a prestigious day spa in San Francisco when a ruckus outside draws her attention and her ire at being interrupted. It seems the Mandrill was using his mind control pheromones to command all of the women customers at the spa to hand over all of their cash and valuables. Not that Emma has any concern for her fellow women, but she was annoyed at having her time interrupted and at the posturing pompousness of the Mandrill. Since her secondary mutation allows her to transform into a diamond-hard form that doesn’t need to breathe, the Mandrill’s pheromones have no effect on her. But his mind is like an open book to her, albeit she likens reading it to “bathing in excrement”, and that, for the poor Mandrill is just how she punishes him, by manipulating his mind. And then goes back to her spa session.

Commentary: Emma Frost never really got over being the imperious White Queen from back in the days of the Hellfire Club: she’s still haughty, bitchy, contemptuous and smugly superior, although she does reserve her worst for those who she thinks deserve it, in this case, the Mandrill.

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