Hypno-Girl — Atomic Rocket Comics

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Atom­ic Rock­et Comics (“Italy’s Most Mys­te­ri­ous Comics Pub­lish­er”) is an Ital­ian comics pub­lish­er who has a web­site fea­tur­ing a num­ber of com­ic heroes, so mys­te­ri­ous that is does­n’t have any actu­al pub­lished mate­r­i­al (those pages are list­ed as “Work In Progress”).  The char­ac­ters all seem to draw from 50’s and 60’s era Euro­pean comics, which were heav­i­ly influ­enced by the 30’s pulps, fea­tur­ing char­ac­ters such as Paper Man, Shad­ow Boy, Shrunk­en Boy and Shrunk­en Girl, Iron Mask (“The Boun­ty Hunter From Out­er Space”) and the one of par­tic­u­lar inter­est, Hyp­no Girl. As with their pre­de­ces­sors, these char­ac­ters pri­mar­i­ly have either no super­pow­ers or just one super­pow­er. They are also drawn in the style from the pre­vi­ous peri­ods. (Although I have to admit that I think the pic­ture of Doc­tor Actom on page 13 of the online mag­a­zine looks like an action fig­ure as opposed to artwork.)

I was orig­i­nal­ly drawn to the web­site through the fol­low­ing  pro­mo­tion­al video for Hyp­no Girl.

The video itself, as can be seen, is pret­ty stereo­typ­i­cal, although I do like the the spi­ral spe­cial effects and the “eye in the pyra­mid” pen­dant with its poten­tial con­nec­tions to occult orga­ni­za­tions. The news­reel look of the video com­pli­ments the 30’s pulp feel­ing. The 60’s “mod” look with the white hair­style, black ensem­ble and black&white checked spi­ral glass­es is also a nice touch.

The only infor­ma­tion about Hyp­no Girl oth­er than the video is con­tained on page 8 on the online mag­a­zine. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, its all in Ital­ian, but it is also a part of a Flash pre­sen­ta­tion so its entire­ly graph­ic in nature and its very hard to read, too. Unfor­tu­nate­ly my lim­it­ed Span­ish vocab­u­lary does­n’t help in try­ing to fig­ure out a diver­gent Romance lan­guage in this case.

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