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Hypnotic Poison” by Dior

A puzzling harmony born out of the fusion of four contrasting olfactive facets:the biting and intoxicating note of bitter almond and carvi, the more opulent and precious note of jasmine Sambac, the bewitching and mysterious note of moss and Jacaranda tree, and the hypnotic and sensuous note of vanilla and musk.

Hypnotic Poison” by Christian Dior is the name of a fragrance whose main attraction (like “Hypnotique”) is the not-so-subtle suggestion of hypnotic power and control over men. That is accentuated by the description of the blend of fragrances described above: ‘intoxicating’, ‘bewitching’, ‘mysterious’, and ‘hypnotic’, all words designed to further emphasize the mesmerizing appeal.

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Hypnotique” by Max Factor

For the women born to enchant men. Max Factor’s Hypnotique … the new fragrance that’s captured the very essence of woman’s power over men. Coolly and with great elegance Hypnotique attracts … holds … persuades … and then! Anything can happen! (Advertising copy from the first magazine ad.)

Description: All cosmetics, including fragrances, are designed in part to attract and focus attention on the wearer. Some fragrances are just a little more blatant about it. Fragrances with names like “Spellbound”, “Hypnose”, “Mesmerize” or “Hypnotic Poison”  blatantly suggest the power of commanding and controlling men (although Avon’s “Mesmerize”, which was originally a woman’s fragrance, is now being more directly marketed toward men, strangely enough.) Even fragrances not so named are frequently advertised using hypnotic terminology and imagery.

But one of the earliest and certainly one of the most blatant of the hypnotic cosmetics was “Hypnotique” by Max Factor. Released in the late 1950’s, the hypnotic imagery was very noticeable in the magazine ads:

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