30 Days of Hypnosis: Day 10

Favorite hypnotic experience as a subject?

This is a hard ques­tion to answer, main­ly because of my very lim­it­ed expe­ri­ence as a hyp­not­ic subject.

It was over twen­ty years between the two times I men­tioned in Day 1 and the next time I was hyp­no­tized, which was at a con­ven­tion I attend­ed. It was then a few more years before I was con­tract­ed to record and pro­duce instruc­tion­al videos for Gisel­la Zukausky, a local hyp­nother­a­pist, who dis­cov­ered I was a very good demon­stra­tion sub­ject. Even to this day, I can prob­a­bly count the num­ber of times I was ever hyp­no­tized using every fin­ger and only most my toes.

So, with that lim­it­ed selec­tion to work from, the one that con­stant­ly comes to mind was when Gisel­la used me to demon­strate the Edsaile State. I remem­ber the induc­tion quite clear­ly, and also my sur­prise when she demon­strat­ed body catalep­sy by hold­ing up my arm and it stayed in place. On an intel­lec­tu­al lev­el, I under­stood that was the expect­ed response but I was­n’t quite con­vinced that was going to hap­pen until it actu­al­ly did.

How­ev­er, I am hop­ing to go beyond that in the future.

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