“Wayward Sons: Legends”

“Way­ward Sons: Leg­ends” is an involved web com­ic chron­i­cling the bat­tle between the Ulympians and the Tytans. They’re both refugees from anoth­er galaxy, thrown to Earth by a cos­mic mishap and forced to begin their lives over. That the mishap has made them immor­tal and giv­en them all immense pow­ers that seem god­like (espe­cial­ly to the humans who already wor­shiped var­i­ous images that could eas­i­ly be applied to the var­i­ous indi­vid­u­als) and since they were already ene­mies means that both are build­ing for war.

Since many of the Ulym­peans are sur­ro­gates of the Greek / Roman gods, it would only be nat­ur­al that some­one among therm would be the sur­ro­gate of Mor­pheus, the god of dreams. In fact, there are two of them: Som­noz, who has the pow­er to put his oppo­nents to sleep, although it seems he has to use some kind of gog­gles to keep his pow­ers in check, and Mor­feaz, who has the pow­er to m,anipulate the dreams of sleep­ing or oncon­scious people.

Over­all, these are just a cou­ple of minor char­ac­ters: I find the whole grand scope of the sto­ry inter­est­ing, espe­cial­ly since it looks like it is reach­ing the big bat­tle, but it is also inter­est­ing how the var­i­ous mytholo­gies of the area are incor­po­rat­ed into the char­ac­ters and story.

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