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“The Woman in Green” (1945)


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In “The Woman in Green”, a mys­te­ri­ous mani­ac is ter­ror­iz­ing post-WW II Lon­don: inno­cent women are being mur­dered and their right fore-fin­ger is being care­ful­ly removed. Even the great Sher­lock Holmes (Basil Rath­bone) is mys­ti­fied, but the hor­ror of the act is enough to dri­ve him to find the murder.

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“On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (1969)

James Bond (George Lazen­by) is on the trail of Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Tel­ly Savalas), now hid­ing in an exclu­sive clin­ic in Switzer­land. Blofeld’s lat­est scheme is a world-wide black­mail plot, assist­ed by a num­ber of love­ly ladies under Blofeld’s hyp­not­ic con­trol. Com­pli­cat­ing mat­ters is the mutu­al attrac­tion Bond feels toward Tra­cy di Vicen­so (Diana Rigg), daugh­ter of the head of the Union Corse crime syndicate.

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