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The Woman in Green” (1945)


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In “The Woman in Green”, a mysterious maniac is terrorizing post-WW II London: innocent women are being murdered and their right fore-finger is being carefully removed. Even the great Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) is mystified, but the horror of the act is enough to drive him to find the murder.

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Attack Angels’ — “Charlie’s Angels”


Charlie’s Angels investigates a hostile takeover of a company that involves the suspicious deaths of several company board members. Kelly (Jaclyn Smith) and Kris (Cheryl Ladd) are sent undercover to the company to investigate while Julie Rogers (Tanya Roberts) attempts to infiltrate Reardon Associates, which had supplied many of the company’s staff. What they find is a conspiracy combining hypnosis and murder

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Night of the Steel Assassin’ — “The Wild, Wild West”


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History: “The Wild, Wild West” was a reaction to the spy craze in popular culture with a Western twist with a healthy dose of Jules Verne added. The series was an instant hit when it appeared in 1965: it didn’t hurt that there was a culture transition taking place between the fading Western genre and the new spy craze engendered by the James Bond films and TV series like “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” and “The Avengers”. But it also didn’t hurt that the two main characters, as well as some of their re-occurring opponents, were strong, memorable characters.

Colonel James West (Robert Conrad) and Artemis Gordon (Ross Martin) were Secret Service agents patrolling the West in their private railway train on special orders from President Grant. The athletic and dashing West (Conrad did many of his own stunts) paired exceptionally well with the clever and debonair Gordon as they battled insidious criminal organizations, would-be conquerors, malevolent scientific geniuses and hostile foreign powers to protect the United States in its difficult times after the Civil War. 

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