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Magic Knight Rayearth”

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In “Magic Knight Rayearth”, three Japanese high school girls are transported to the fantasy realm of Cephiro on a mission to save it and rescue Princess Emeraude from the grasp of the evil High Priest Zagato.

Except its not that easy, nor is it that cut-and-dried. Zagato has a host of followers to attack and divert the three girls on their mission to gain the power they need to complete their task; in addition, there’s another story behind the one before them, one that will result in pain and suffering for all involved.

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American Woman” by The Guess Who

American woman, get away from me
American woman, mama let me be
Don’t come knocking around my door
I don’t want to see your shadow no more
Colored lights can hypnotize
Sparkle someone else’s eyes
Now woman, get away
American woman, listen what I say”

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