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‘Enchantée!’ — “Eerie Cuties”

One of the more fun web comics I fol­low is “Eerie Cuties” about a trio of sexy super­nat­ur­al teenaged girl­friends and their equal­ly super­nat­ur­al friends. (Ace, below, is actu­al­ly a were­wolf.) All the tropes of typ­i­cal car­toon teenagers com­bined with all the tropes of typ­i­cal car­toon super­nat­ur­al events. I this case, its dating.

But what do you do when you’re dress­ing for a date and one of the oth­er ‘cuties’ is mak­ing moves on your guy? Espe­cial­ly since appar­ent­ly this is not the first time (or the sec­ond, or the third … ) that this has happened?

ec20130114a Why, you get spell­cast­ing Moth­er to do some­thing about it.


Appar­ent­ly this is not the first time this has hap­pened, giv­en the almost casu­al way she casts her spell, and most like­ly with the same person.

“The Witching Time” by Fayrene Preston

Some­thing strange was going on in Hilary, Vir­ginia — Noah Brax­ton felt it the moment he arrived when a gold­en-haired, blue-eyed witch cast a spell and stole his heart! Rhi­an­nonY­ork beguiled the slight­ly staid but def­i­nite­ly sexy New York lawyer with her bewitch­ing eyes and her scent of exot­ic spices and wild flow­ers. Her touch of fire melt­ed Noah’s hard edges and made him long to lose con­trol in her arms, but was the sen­su­al web she wove only a tan­ta­liz­ing illu­sion that would dis­ap­pear with the dawn? Trailed by a black cat whose blue eyes shared Rhi­an­non’s hyp­not­ic pow­er, Noah tried to uncov­er the mys­te­ri­ous secret that had brought him to the small town, but he kept com­ing back to the lady whose lips tast­ed of moon­light. He’d shat­tered her peace, but Rhi­an­non feared he would nev­er belong. Could the fiery enchantress teach Noah the joy of believ­ing in dreams come true?

Except that the only enchant­ment here is just the age-old mag­ic between a studly guy and a drop-dead sexy lady that only hap­pens in romance nov­els, the only hyp­not­ic pow­er just the one that a beau­ti­ful woman can have over a man out of his ele­ment and feel­ing off-bal­anced in a strange sit­u­a­tion. Rhi­an­non isn’t even a prac­tic­ing witch, even though she looks the part, down to hav­ing a pet owl she named Mer­lin and that mys­te­ri­ous­ly-appear­ing black cat that is prob­a­bly the only mag­i­cal crea­ture in the entire story.

Still, this nov­el has a place in the col­lec­tion exact­ly because it does­n’t have those mag­i­cal or hyp­not­ic ele­ments, rather, because of how is makes use of those ele­ments in the adver­tis­ing ‘fla­vor’ text on the back of the book to help sell it and to help set that image in the read­er’s mind. Sure, this is a stereo­type, and a pret­ty strong one at that, but just because it is a stereo­type does­n’t mean I should ignore it.

‘Beguiler of Wills’ — Magic: the Gathering

Just as it seems every com­e­dy or dra­ma (tele­vi­sion, movies, radio, etc.) even­tu­al­ly adds some form of mind con­trol as a comedic or dra­mat­ic ele­ment, every game sys­tem or sup­ple­ment will also even­tu­al­ly add some kind of hyp­not­ic or mind con­trol mechan­ic or func­tion to the rule systems.

The lat­est expan­sion set from Mag­ic: the Gath­er­ing, Innistrad (or Dark Ascen­sion, both seem inter­change­able on the web­site), is a dark world with vam­pires, were­wolves and dark magicians.

Innistrad is a plane of men­ace and dread where every crea­ture hides a dark­er aspect. Here, hedo­nis­tic vam­pires stalk the shad­ows to quench their thirst, and the full moon can trans­form a sim­ple vil­lager into a sav­age were­wolf. Best to hud­dle inside, Planeswalk­er, lest the hor­rors of this world rend you limb from limb.

Said hor­rors should include the obvi­ous appli­ca­tion of vam­pire mind con­trol, how­ev­er, at least in the card released above, a dif­fer­ent hyp­not­ic par­a­digm is used, that of the beguil­ing enchantress. It appears to be the only such card in this release: Mag­ic: the Gath­er­ing has a host of oth­er cards with hyp­not­ic themes or effects, but this par­tic­u­lar one is espe­cial­ly notable for the sen­su­al imagery includ­ed with the gen­er­al theme.

“Dungeons & Dragons” — The Hypnotic Side

When Dave Arne­son showed Gary Gygax the new game he and his friends were play­ing, it prob­a­bly did­n’t occurr to either that they were on the brink of cre­at­ing not only a new game but an entire­ly new type of game, result­ing in a rev­o­lu­tion­ary new gam­ing industry.

Dave Arne­son took the tra­di­tion­al minia­ture game, where minia­tures rep­re­sent­ed groups of indi­vid­u­als and start­ed using them to rep­re­sent indi­vid­u­als. He also added the ele­ments of char­ac­ter class­es and expe­ri­ence lev­els, allow­ing for char­ac­ter spe­cial­iza­tion and growith. This was a rev­o­lu­tion, in that play­ers could project them­selves into the char­ac­ter, devel­op­ing them over time and play. Since both he and Gary Gygax were avid mina­ture ship game play­ers, he shjowed Gary his game and togeth­er they cre­at­ed Dun­geons & Drag­ons.

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This Week in Comics — 2011/06/08

Batman: The Brave and the Bold #8

Bat­man and Aqua­man team up on a Quest to recov­er the fabled Amulet of Ari­on to break the curse that has bound the ghost­ly for­mer pri­ate Cap­tain Fear to wan­der the Earth until he has earned redemp­tion. Aqua­man knows where the Amulet is locat­ed, but the dan­gers involved get­ting there have pre­vent­ed any­one from doing so in the past. Those (seem­ing­ly rather tame) dan­gers include mon­ster fish, a whirlpool and a trio of enchant­i­ng sirens, all of whom are quick­ly over­come. But Bat­man and Aqua­man were fol­lowed by Black Man­ta, whose sud­den attack allows him to seize the Amulet and attempt to direct its pow­er against them. Only by the inter­ven­tion of Cap­tain Fear are they res­cued, at the cost of destroy­ing the Amulet and los­ing a chance to break his curse. How­ev­er, his self-sac­ri­fice was the final ele­ment of his redemption.

Com­men­tary: Its always good to see ref­er­ences to old DC char­ac­ters, includ­ing Ari­on (who had his own com­ic “Ari­on of Atlantis” drawn by Jan Duurse­ma back in the ear­ly 1980’s) and Cap­tain Fear.

Not direct­ly relat­ed here but def­i­nite­ly worth men­tion­ing: this fall, DC Comics is plan­ning a major reboot of their entire line this fall. Called DC New Uni­verse, the announced changes go well beyond any of the pre­vi­ous con­ti­nu­ity revi­sions and changes.

One of the comics will be “Jus­tice League Dark” and will involve (cen­ter right) John Con­stan­tine, (upper left) Dead­man, (above, what appears to a malev­o­lent appear­ing) Enchantress, (below) Madame Xanadu, (upper right) Shade the Chang­ing Man and (cen­ter left: note the bare­ly vis­i­ble fish­net arm­lets) Zatan­na. I have always been a fan of Madame Xanadu ever since her own com­ic, and, of course, Zatan­na, so I am sort of look­ing for­ward to this, although I still have my doubts about the whole con­cept of a com­plete uni­verse reboot.

Note: Many years ago, I com­mis­sioned Phil Foglio to draw a car­toon of Des­tiny rip­ping pages out of his Book cor­re­spond­ing to all of the sub­se­quent con­ti­nu­ity changes to the DC uni­verse: whole pages enti­tled “Crises”, “Earth Two”, “Inva­sion” and “Zero Hour” went fly­ing. Now it looks like he’ll be need­ing an entire­ly new Book.

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